Costs of electricity and gas doubled, the municipality is already thinking about 2023

Costs of electricity and gas doubled, the municipality is already thinking about 2023
Costs of electricity and gas doubled, the municipality is already thinking about 2023
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From one to two million euros: electricity and gas costs doubled in 2023 for the Municipality of Stradella. For the next year, the first projections of expenditure for the payment of utilities relating to municipal buildings and public lighting speak of increases of 107%, bringing the financial commitment from the current one million euros to about two million. During the city council on Thursday evening, a budget change was approved, which allocated an additional 106,000 euros to meet the adjustments of the electricity and gas bills: in total, for 2022, the Municipality had to budget approximately 350,000 euros more to cover energy costs.

“With these funds we are covered until December – assured the councilor for the budget, Antonio Vecchio -. But, in any case, we also have the resources to cope with other increases ». The forecasts for 2023 are particularly worrying.

To date, the investment by the Municipality to pay for electricity and gas is close to one million euros: 620 thousand euros with the CNP for owned properties, 330 thousand euros to A2a for public lighting and 30 thousand euros for traffic lights, 9,000 euros for one another dozen civil users. A figure that could double next year, forcing the Municipality to review the allocations in the other services.

“We still have a residual portion of the administration surplus that would allow us to at least partially cover the increases,” added Vecchio. The state, on the other hand, has currently received 64,000 euros through the two aid decrees. As for possible savings interventions, “hypotheses are being examined, but we will stick to the ministerial indications”, said the mayor Alessandro Cantù.

The Municipality of Broni is also thinking about the increases in electricity and gas, which, as in Stradella, could reach 100%: at the moment the Municipality spends about 350,000 euros for utilities. Yesterday morning the mayor Antonio Riviezzi summoned the service managers: «A policy will be adopted for the employees of the town hall to avoid waste of energy and heating, and we are also thinking of standardizing working hours – explains Riviezzi -. We will also meet those who use municipal buildings, associations and schools, to make them aware of the correct use of energy. We have been updated again next Friday when the heads of sectors will bring the proposals to be submitted to the junta ». –


Oliviero Maggi

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