Flood in the Marche, farmers with tractors and appeals on TikTok. The boom in solidarity – Corriere.it

Flood in the Marche, farmers with tractors and appeals on TikTok. The boom in solidarity – Corriere.it
Flood in the Marche, farmers with tractors and appeals on TikTok. The boom in solidarity – Corriere.it
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from Fabrizio Caccia, sent to Barbara (Ancona)

Volunteers alongside the civil protection vehicles The mayor of Barbara: thank you, beautiful

BARBARA (ANCONA) – amazing and beautiful what is happening – says the mayor of Barbara, Riccardo Pasqualini -. We are receiving phone calls from all over the region, indeed from all over Italy. Many people would like to help, to shovel the mud, clean up the houses, the factories, the streets. That’s right. A army of volunteers ready to lend a hand to revive the countries devastated by the flood: Trecastelli, Bettolelle, Sassoferrato, Castelleone di Suasa. Not only that: What we are witnessing in these days – adds Maurizio Marcellini, the coordinator of the Civil Protection for the province of Ancona – a demonstration of great collective courage. Because it is true that bad weather has given us no respite, even after the disaster on Thursday, and yet the population did not give up. On the contrary, she reacted by starting immediately to rebuild, to try to start again. I saw with my own eyes in the Arceviese farmers going out into the street, even at night, with their tractors, to clear the roadways blocked by tree trunks.

The employees of Molino Mariani in Barbara dug with their hands for thefreeing the warehouses from the slime. The company’s trucks, overturned by the water bomb as if they were made of cardboard, were painstakingly put back on their feet. What they say team playbecause in the meantime the mobile columns of the Civil Protection continue to arrive from other Italian regions to face the great emergency.

We are taking action to make available to the mayors of the most affected municipalities, personnel and means that can contribute to making people and things safe – he announces Valeria Mancinelli, president of Arci Marche -. The solidarity chain has started.

And help is needed. Many villages are flooded, many roads are cut off, some bridges are unusable and traffic inevitably suffers. Pianello di Ostra under water from the first day, yet even yesterday despite a new storm of rain and wind broke out in the area around lunchtime, no one left the station even for a minute. Also in Senigallia they are shoveling under the storm, said an official of the National Civil Protection at the end of an inspection. But the chain of solidarity was set in motion for everything: several kennels and catteries are coming forward to house the dozens of creatures rescued by zoophile guards Oipa (International organization for the protection of animals) in the midst of debris.

Social networks also play an important role: Appeals via Whatsapp and TikTok multiply among the very young who say they are ready to put on a pair of boots to come and help us – continues the mayor of Barbara, Pasqualini -. But I reply to everyone that, while thanking them with all my heart, now there is a need above all for competence, professionalism. Shoveling in mud can be very dangerous. Yesterday, in fact, the sky suddenly darkened again, it started raining again without pause and a strong wind began to pull through the valleys, causing the edges of many streets to collapse. A friend from Arcevia phoned me – says the mayor of Barbara – telling me worried that the volume of water seemed to him almost identical to that of last Thursday.

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This time, however, the storm did not cause victims and already at four in the afternoon the whole region was able to breathe a sigh of relief. All municipalities have their own civil protection operators – concludes Pasqualini -. We have fourteen. Sure, volunteers are important, but coordination is needed, otherwise chaos.

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