Flood in the Marche, “I have only the dog Gualtiero and the cat Pippo left, now I want to leave”

Flood in the Marche, “I have only the dog Gualtiero and the cat Pippo left, now I want to leave”
Flood in the Marche, “I have only the dog Gualtiero and the cat Pippo left, now I want to leave”
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Mud, dust and wounded souls. In Pianello di Ostra, the village most affected by the flood that hit the Marche, the day after the catastrophe there is despair and despair. People have returned to shoveling mud since the first light of dawn, turning their gaze from time to time to the threatening sky full of more rain.

Who would like to leave is Claudio Pianelli, 51, muscular physique and tattoos in sight: “The house where I lived for rent is devastated and unusable, but here in Pianello I don’t think about going back to live there, the experience I lived was enough for me” .

Claudio spent the night on the upper floor of the small devastated apartment, without being able to count on water and electricity: “With everything that happened – he says – I couldn’t organize myself to go to sleep elsewhere and so I stayed here with my dog ​​Gualtiero and the cat Pippo. All three of us slept on the bed, but I’m leaving next night. ‘

Where in the future he will still live he does not know: “But I hope – he says – that someone has a heart and gives me accommodation, I have a job”.

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