Who is Can Yaman’s current girlfriend? / The actor’s rumors and statements …

Who is Can Yaman’s current girlfriend? / The actor’s rumors and statements …
Who is Can Yaman’s current girlfriend? / The actor’s rumors and statements …
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Can Yaman, alleged flirtations and Diletta Leotta

The well-known Turkish actor Can Yaman, at only 32 years old, he is an internationally successful man but above all he is one of the most loved television faces by Italian women. It is therefore no coincidence that everyone often wonders if he is single or not. As we all know, the young actor is always surrounded by women, in addition to fans, whom he always encounters with great kindness and availability, the actor has often been flanked by beautiful Turkish women on the set of his TV series and currently works alongside a beautiful one Italian actress: Francesca Chillemi, with whom he seems to have a lot of complicity.

There have always been many rumors about Can Yaman’s alleged flirtations with colleagues but beyond these, in Italy we had for some time the certainty of a beautiful and at the same time highly criticized love story, the one with the showgirl Diletta Leotta. It happens that the actor and Diletta broke up months ago, after the end of their relationship, between the two there was no longer a good relationship, so much so that today they avoid each other! Can Yaman is currently singledespite rumors of an alleged flirtation with the actress Francesca Del Fayet the people of the web already see it well with another woman, let’s see who it is.

Can Yaman and Francesca Chillemi, the public wants them together but he gets angry

As we have already said, Can Yaman is currently single, good news for many women but bad news for her co-worker, who sees false assumptions about a relationship between her and the actor. The woman we are talking about is Francesca Chillaci. The actress along with Can is preparing for the release of one new tv series: “Purple as the sea”, in which the two will play the role of two work colleagues who fall in love. However, during the Venice Film Festival, something went wrong.

The two had shown themselves to be very complicit in front of journalists, looks, laughter and lots of chemistry and the couple’s fans have been guessing right away, despite the actress being happily married and also having a daughter. The worst came when on the red carpet in Venice, some journalists suggested the two to kiss. Faced with that request and the actress’s embarrassment, Can Yaman he got very angry and stated: “I have to ask you something, you have to love Francesca. I am sick of the fact that the female audience that follows me, attacks, attacks every woman who is close to me. Listen to me. Francesca is a top actress, she is a very good person, love her ”.



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