Trump: “They awakened the sleeping giant”

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“They don’t realize what sleeping giant they’ve awakened.” Words of Donald Trump, who spoke at a rally in Ohio. In two hours of speech in the crowded arena of the Covelli Center, Trump pulled out the repertoire of all the rallies, spoke of “the American dream gone to pieces”, raised the alarm for the “millions of illegal immigrants who are invading” the ‘America “, recalled the” greatest humiliation in history “with the American withdrawal from Afghanistan, but he used new tones on the two issues that are beginning to haunt him: the shadow of indictment and the future of his movement, Make America Great Againrecently attacked by Joe Biden: “The ‘Maga’ forces – said the US president – are determined to return to an America where there is no right of choice, right to privacy, right to contraception, right to marry those you love”.

“They want to put an end to the Maga movement, they want to kill it – thundered Trump – They don’t realize what kind of sleeping giant they have awakened”.
“In six years – he then attacked – I have been haunted by inquiries like no one in the history of America”. “There are sick people – she added – They spied on me and nobody did anything”.

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Trump knows that the inquiries concerning him are nearing conclusion: the one launched by the congressional commission on the January 6 insurrection; the FBI investigation into the documents taken away from the White House, the one launched in Georgia on its attempt to subvert the 2020 presidential election result, and the investigation into the Trump Organization for tax fraud carried out by the New York prosecutor’s office.

On the energy emergency he underlined: “I warned Angela Merkel that if she let 72 percent of the energy for Germany come from Russia, she would become dependent on the Russians. And that’s what happened.”

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