Who is Maggie Reilly? With “Moonlight shadow” at the Arena 60 70 80 90 / Success thanks to Mike Oldfield

Who is Maggie Reilly? With “Moonlight shadow” at the Arena 60 70 80 90 / Success thanks to Mike Oldfield
Who is Maggie Reilly? With “Moonlight shadow” at the Arena 60 70 80 90 / Success thanks to Mike Oldfield
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Maggie Reilly, who is the singer of “Moonlight Shadow”

Maggie Reilly with “Moonlight Shadow”Is among the guests of the musical show“ Arena 60 70 80 90 ”conducted by Amadeus from the splendid setting of the Arena Verona and broadcast on Saturday 17 September in prime time on Rai1. A party dedicated to great music and 40 years of success with the participation of Italian and international artists who have been dancing, singing and moving in four decades. Among the protagonists there is also the Scottish singer of Irish origins very famous for the super hit “Moonlight Shadow” with which she reaches great popularity at home and in the world.

Actually Maggie Reilly’s career began in the early 70’s with the Scottish band Cado Belle after meeting keyboardist Stuart MacKillop when the band was still called Joe Cool. In 1976 she made her debut with the band that released the album of the same name and with which she remained until the end of the 70s. Maggie’s career changes when she meets multi-instrumentalist Mike Oldfield.

Maggie Reilly and the collaboration with Mike Oldfield in “Moonlight Shadow”

After several years spent in the Cado Belle band, Maggie Reilly begins an important and fruitful collaboration with multi-instrumentalist Mike Oldfield. These were years of great success, as the Scottish singer is appreciated by critics and audiences thanks to hits such as “Moonlight Shadow”, “Foreign Affair”, “Five Miles Out”, “Family Man” and “To France”. In 1992 she released her first unreleased album entitled “Echoes” followed by many others until the last one dating back to 2013 “Heaven Sent”.

In his career there are collaborations not only with Mike Oldfield, but also with Jack Bruce of Cream, Simon Nicol of Fairport Convention, Sisters of Mercy, David Gilmour and Nick Mason of Pink Floyd. Maggie’s name, however, is connected to the hit “Moonlight Shadow”, a song that many thought was dedicated to the murder of John Lennon. Mike Oldfield himself in an interview in 1995, specified that the inspiration of the song was the film The Wizard Houdini, in which the protagonist, played by Tony Curtis tried to contact the famous magician from the afterlife, however Oldfield admitted that he had arrived at New York in the same days as the murder of Lennon, and that he rented a house not far from the crime scene, according to the author, this would have acted in his subconscious “.



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