LIVE TMW – Spezia, Gotti: “Today I go out happy, but certain things make me mad”

LIVE TMW – Spezia, Gotti: “Today I go out happy, but certain things make me mad”
LIVE TMW – Spezia, Gotti: “Today I go out happy, but certain things make me mad”
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20.05 – After the victory against Sampdoria, in a few minutes the Spezia coach, Luca Gotti, will speak at the press conference to analyze the performance of the eagles. Follow the live on TMW!

20.23 – The press conference begins.

Have you been more aware of Sampdoria?
“There was an empty moment towards the middle of the second half, when Bastoni came out, and for ten minutes we lost the thread and it bothered me. There is respect for the opponent, but we succeeded for almost all of it. the game to limit them and take what we had prepared “.

The asymmetrical spice works.
“I do not know if we are at the point where we should have been, from the outside it seems to me a path of improvement that goes beyond the appearance and the classification. The team has greater awareness and common ideas. A coach goes home happy tonight, but with the annoyance that in the 93rd you have a throw-in from the flag and you have to finish the game, while we take the biggest opportunity of the game. It makes me mad, but I keep the many good things done together “.

The best Kovalenko of the year?
“It seems to me that he is constantly growing in every aspect, it seems to me that he is having fun, that he has the pleasure of playing. I also have the same impression, beyond today’s game.”

Was the Peak decisive?
“The relationship with the public has never been in question. The stadium was beautiful, it was the derby. I said a little while ago that A’s matches are tough and important, but there are also moments and today was a moment. 5 points with Sampdoria and with the teams that are down, while you win and the ranking changes. There is a break, you re-tie some threads, and the following matches are opportunities. I am happy that the team has rewarded itself “.


The right chain with Ampadu and Holm did very well.
“We don’t say anything to Holm, but I think he played another good game. He was decisive, without skimping on the commitment and participation, even with long runs. He is a young boy who looks out to A and does it from the front door “.

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Do the away matches need to be improved now?
“Absolutely. From my point of view, if I have to consult the seven games, I tell you that we played with Inter, Juve and Napoli, but I was not satisfied only at San Siro. Both in Turin and in Naples I had very little to say. , the result did not come but we did what we could. This attitude will be rewarded in the long run. ”

How did Nzola recover?
“I have not recovered it, it is M’Bala who is putting in his own. Some told me that, beyond the technique, the attitude he has is different. He has shown leadership, things we did not know. He is the one who is doing this path “.

20.33 – The press conference closes.

The article is in Italian

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