Fire afternoon between Laigueglia and Alassio, damaged buildings: flames under control –

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Savona – The vast forest fire which for hours kept busy firefighters and forest protection volunteers between Laigueglia and Alassio in the Savona area is under control. The fire broke out around 1pm in the upper part of Laigueglia not far from the houses. The strong wind drove the flames. In action all afternoon two helicopters and a canadair who with their jets tried to contain the advance of the flames.

Some buildings were damaged as confirmed by the firefighters and the mayor of Laigueglia Roberto Sasso del Verme present on the spot. No one was injured or poisoned by the smoke.

The flames driven by the wind have moved towards Alassio leaving the side of Laigueglia. The residents of Laigueglia who had been removed from their homes for safety reasons after a couple of hours, around 16.30, were able to return home. Previously, the people present in the Colonia Alpina and Marina di Bra, a late 19th century structure with sixty beds in which some disabled people are also housed, have also moved to a safer place. The evacuees went with their own means to the beach pending the evolution of the fire.

The decrease in the intensity of the wind and the action of the canadair made it possible to slow down the advance of the fire. Once again a large part of the vegetation was destroyed. Once under control, all the residents sent away for safety returned to the house. Only two families in via Summit in Laigueglia remained away from home for a long time because the flames reached an LPG cylinder located not far from their homes. The firefighters have checked the burning of the cylinder and once the residents of the two houses have been made safe, they will be able to return home. The firefighters will monitor the situation throughout the night by working on the still burning fires.

The president of the Liguria Region Giovanni Toti also went to the area affected by the flames. “The fire that threatened the town of Laigueglia this morning is fortunately under control. It has been a very complicated hour. Now we are waiting for the coordinator of the Fire Brigade to declare the extinction of the fire” explains Toti at the end of an inspection. accomplished together with the mayor Sasso Del Verme. “The situation is under control, thanks to the timely interventions of the helicopters of the Region and the canadair that blocked the flames before the houses in Alassio”, says Toti, adding that “the damage has been contained: we will check them in more detail in the next few hours, when the fire is completely cleared. Then we will discuss the situation and the necessary interventions with the mayor “.


On the causes he is not unbalanced: “We do not know if the fire was arson or not but we recommend everyone to maintain a very high criterion of prudence. A little distraction, a barbecue, a cigarette is enough to create considerable damage, especially considering the dry season. Today the dry ground and the strong wind have made everything more complex. I thank all the volunteers who have done their utmost to limit the damage, the regional pilots who are doing an extraordinary job and the national civil protection department we are in contact with for calibrate the necessary effort “.

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During the most agitated phases of the fire, the volunteers of the public assistance of the White Cross of Alassio also intervened coordinated by the 118 operations center of Savona, and the patrols of the carabinieri and police. It will be up to the foresters of the Arma to start investigations to ascertain the causes of the fire: the malicious hypothesis is not excluded. Possibility that already circulates on social networks, such as on page of Fb of Sei di Alassio Se and of You are from Laigueglia Se in which it is noted that the fire broke out on the day with the most wind.

(Photo by Giorgio Fantino from the Fb Sei page of Lauigueglia Se)

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