A2 Super Cup | Urania closes the competition with a victory over Casale

A2 Super Cup | Urania closes the competition with a victory over Casale
A2 Super Cup | Urania closes the competition with a victory over Casale
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Good performance by Urania who closes the 2022 SuperCup with a brilliant victory. Excellent offensive choral performance of the Wildcats with irrepressible Amato (19 with 10 assists) in the second half, excellent impact also for Potts and Pullazi, precious quality plays by Piunti and Montano. The flames of the Martinoni-Carver-Formenti trio are not enough for Novipiù.

THE RACE. Start at a high pace with Montano among the Wildcats and Redivo among the guests in evidence, 6-7 Casale is persistently looking for Carver in the colored area, the former Zenit is a factor in the guest mini-break, 8-14 sealed by Ellis’ jumper. He puts the four-wheel drive Potts to try the immediate recovery, there are two paws of captain Piunti in the least 1 rossoblu, 15-16. Ebeling is also released and signs the overtaking in transition, Leggio and Castellino keep the Novipiù ahead at the first siren, 19-20. Equilibrium also at the start of the second period, Urania triggers Hill who is ready, more than pleasant basketball tracks at Iseo with Amato in the direction to illuminate the scene, 28-26. Another response from the Piedmontese who rely on Martinoni’s experience, Leggio from the perimeter square as much as 6, 28-34. Flame of Montano and Hill for the Wildcats who, however, do not succeed in the engagement, 37-41 in the middle of the race. Intense challenge even after the long break, he bites the Milanese defense with Pullazi protagonist, Montano and Hill put the arrow, 48-45. Casale does not give up, finding new lymph from Carver and from the experience of Formenti, the veteran of the guests for equality at an altitude of 50. Novipiù finds inertia in which the young Ghirlanda shines, the partial is this time a guest, 57-60. The margin of coach Valentini’s men leaps at the end of the penultimate fraction thanks to Poom and Ellis, 58-65. Ghirlanda signs the first double-digit advantage of Novipiù who seems to be in control of the match, Potts interrupts Urania’s great thirst, Amato’s triple in transition warms PalaIseo, 63-70. The former Udine enchants with plays of crystalline class, there is yet another reversal of the match, his triple of 71-70. Amato’s endless blaze, captain Piunti imposes a halt in the colored area on Ghirlanda, 74-70. Pullazi also toasts from the perimeter in the most beautiful and intense moment of the Wildcats competition, 79-72. Formenti does not give up and pulls out the claws of the veteran, only one possession between the two teams with less than two minutes on the clock, 79-77. Martinoni finds two important conclusions in the paint, Amato’s hand does not tremble as he seals an amazing recovery with the free of the stirrup, 88-83.

URANIA MILANO: Potts 20, Amato 19, Pullazi 14

NOVIPIU ‘CASALE MONFERRATO: Formenti 17, Carver 13, Martinoni 12

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