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The light and the darkness, the new novel by Massimo Carpegna – Che Cultura

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One of the best known collaborators of La Pressa is undoubtedly Massimo Carpegna, for forty years a teacher at the Modena Conservatory and today Visiting Professor at the London Academy LPMAM. Carpegna is a continuously erupting volcano; in fact his career includes the direction of choir and orchestra, the composition (his official anthem of the Alpine Ski World Championships Bormio 2005 and of the FISI), the direction of industrial films and commercials also broadcast on Mediaset networks, the elaboration of soundtracks for several documentaries and, of course, the writing. Collaborator of numerous newspapers as a columnist and music critic, he has already published ten volumes and divided between manuals / university texts – published by Franco Angeli Editore and Dino Audino Editore – and novels with various publishing houses.
In these days his latest noir “La luce e la tenebra” has been released for the types of GPM Edizioni.Let’s start with a question of practice: what inspired the story?
‘A decade ago, I read about a German maniac who had kidnapped a little girl and locked her up in a room for years without hurting her. The thing intrigued me and, after some research, I discovered that this man followed a logical plan in his madness: he could not make himself accepted and loved by women and he thought that a little girl could understand him and, once grown up, share with him freely. the life. A sort of new declination of the fairytale Beauty and the Beast ‘.

There is no trace of a synopsis on the cover; how come?
‘It was my will, my gamble. I imagined a possible reader attracted by the cover. He does not find a hint of the plot and then opens the volume and in the first pages he sees a “Background” of a page, with the horrible description of a rape and a murder. These are the crudest words he has ever written. I trust in those to facilitate the purchase ‘.

Again the cover suggests that the story takes place in the world of the circus; why this choice?
‘The circus environment has always fascinated me and even today, with two grown-up daughters, I don’t spend Christmas without an evening at the circus. I have always appreciated those artists for the extraordinary things they know how to do. In a society where everything is turning virtual and false, their stunts are real, risky, the result of years of practice ‘.

Were there any other ideas for building the story?
‘Lot of. “The Light and the Darkness” is based on a series of riddles along the lines of those that Zodiac, the mysterious murderer of the San Francisco bay, sent to the police in the late 1960s and which gave reason for the production of the film with Clint Eastwood “Inspector Callaghan, the Scorpio case is yours.” In the story, it is the transmission of this film on television that suggests to my murderer the desire to emulate the exploits of the Zodiac ‘.

Who is opposed to the serial killer?
‘A police commissioner, of course, with the hobby of knowing the origin of the names and a clown of immense strength who, in his youth, played the role of Hercules, the strongest man in the world! It is flanked by other characteristic subjects: a psychic, a graphology expert, a psychiatrist … and another negative character, another murderer ‘.

The novel alternates between the investigative activity of the police and the counter-moves of the murderer.
‘That’s right. The structure is that of a TV series from the “Colombo” series with Peter Falk: the public knows from the very first scenes who the criminal is and the game is to see how Inspector Colombo will be able to discover details and errors, which will lead him to have certainty of proof of his initial suspicions’.

The novel ends with a poem written by the murderer; can we know it in advance?
‘Certainly: it represents the essence of the personality of the serial killer and, in my imagination, it is he himself who composed it in English, because he is a man with a vast and refined culture and among his myths is William Shakespeare.
Good and Evil.
Light and Darkness.
Everything offers
a double aspect
like Janus Bifrons.
Everything is combined with the other
to generate a new one.
Sometimes magnificent;
sometimes terrible.
Good and Evil.
Light and Darkness.
They are often merged.
They often live together.
One coils itself with the other
like a snake on a branch,
like the sunset,
like the dawn:
it’s not yet day
it’s no longer night.
No one is completely in the Light.
No one is completely in the Darkness.
We walk on a tightrope
like an acrobat of the Circus.
Good and Evil.
Light and Darkness.
To which one will I belong today

The volume in paper format can be ordered at Mondadori at Rizzoli at Streetlib at Libreria Universitaria at IBS.

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