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Silk pajamas: merits, price, how to choose it

Silk pajamas: merits, price, how to choose it
Silk pajamas: merits, price, how to choose it
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Never underestimate the importance of pajamas. Because, like the pillow and the mattress, like the nightwear, has the power to affect sleep quality. The right fit results in a high level of comfort, the fabric helps regulate body temperature while you sleep. This precious natural fiber, in fact, is not only smooth and pleasant to the touch, but also acts as a natural thermoregulator. And it is therefore suitable for all seasons.

Which model to choose

The silk satin pajamas are cool, they seem to caress the skin, they are elegant. It positively affects the way we rest at night. It is a question of both physical and psychological well-being. But which silk pajamas to choose?

At the top of the rating there is always the classic men’s pajamas with buttons. But buttons can be annoying. Because if on the one hand they raise the degree of practicality, and also allow you to wear – underneath – a tank top or a t-shirt, taking off the pajama jacket in a second, on the other hand they can be annoying during sleep.

Excellent alternatives are pajamas composed of long and soft trousers and a V-neck sweater, perhaps finished in lace to add an additional touch of romanticism and sensuality. Ultra comfortable is the 100% silk crew neck pajama top, so light as to be transparent: a caress, in fact.

The summer silk pajamas

Silk pajamas are also perfect for summer. In fact, silk, being a natural thermoregulator, not only gives warmth in winter, but gives a sense of freshness when temperatures rise. Of course, with the arrival of summer, the design of the pajamas changes.

Long pants give way to shorts, t-shirts to tank tops and tops. You can opt for an ultra minimalist design, or for pajamas embellished with lace finishes. After all, the combination of silk and lace is an unshakable evergreen. Between basic versions and finely embroidered versions, between transparencies and dizzying necklines, between ruffles and strategic flounces. Colors? White and all light and neutral shades predominate, followed by delicate pastels. But to further ignite the situation, red or another intense and vibrant nuance is welcome.

The silk pajamas to go out

Anyone who really has a fashionable soul knows well that the elegant silk pajamas with buttons also represent an original and refined outfit to show off beyond the home, in summer but also in the mildest spring days. For some years now, the pajama sets consisting of tunic and palazzo pants have conquered the other half of the sky. Starting with the celebrities: we mention Kim Kardashian, Gwyneth Paltrow, Angelina Jolie, Jessica Alba and Rihanna, but the complete list is much longer.


The silk pajamas to go out, yes. Protagonist of sophisticated looks for the day and for the evening, also suitable for particular contexts such as ceremonies. The solid colors, at the moment the favorites, are flanked by floral patterns or with an exotic imprint. And even the lines, to add a touch of irony.

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In the evening, the high heel is a must; during the day, the go-ahead also for sneakers. To align perfectly with the comfy chic style. As for bags, the optimum coincides with handbags and clutches.

How much does a silk pajama cost

The price depends on several factors. Any parts in lace or other particular finishes can raise the final figure. Fabric also matters a lot: charmeuse silk, for example, is more expensive than silk satin. Another determining variable is the brand.

But let’s try to provide guidance. A mid-high-end pajama shirt with palazzo pants costs on average between 220 and 250 euros. A summer pajama, therefore made up of shorts and a tank top, costs between 130 and 150 euros. In the respective cases, on the other hand, it is practically impossible to go below 150-160 and 70-80 euros.

Once you have fulfilled your wish, it is important to take care of your pajamas. Because silk is precious, ergo delicate. It must be treated well and above all it must be washed in the right way, otherwise in a short time it ends up irreparably damaged.

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