Flood Umbria, the damage count begins. Urgent meeting of the regional council – Corriere dell’Umbria

Flood Umbria, the damage count begins. Urgent meeting of the regional council – Corriere dell’Umbria
Flood Umbria, the damage count begins. Urgent meeting of the regional council – Corriere dell’Umbria
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In the areas of Umbria devastated by the flood, inspections and checks continue: by Monday morning on the table of the president Donatella Tesei there must be the technical report with all the data necessary for the request for a state of emergency to the government and an estimate of the damages that must be reimbursed. In the meantime, in the extraordinary council also called for Monday morning, the first allocations will also be resolved to ensure Battered municipalities from the storm an economic support to meet the first expenses incurred and documented, as promised by thecouncilor for civil protection, Enrico Melasecche. Evident damage has been found in Costacciaro, Montone and Gubbio but the most affected areas remain those of Pietralunga and Scheggia Pascelupo where even yesterday dozens of civil protection volunteers were at work to clear streets, houses and warehouses from the mud. There are no longer any isolated hamlets and water and electricity have been connected everywhere. But much remains to be done.

“The situation of the rivers is terrible – highlights the commissioner Melasecche – there are tons of broken trees that have accumulated along the waterways as in the case of Montone or the Carpinella stream, in Pietralunga. In support there are also workers of the Afor, the regional forestry agency ”. Also in the area of ​​Gubbio the firefighters had to intervene for the unblocking of some small rivers whose flooding made several buildings and agricultural remittances unusable. “There are roads to be cleared, families and businesses that have suffered enormous problems – adds Councilor Melasecche – At the moment, it is impossible to make an estimate but certainly there is talk of damages for millions of euros”. Rain and wind they continued on Saturday as well. The Perugia command of the fire brigade reported, in the afternoon alone, 230 interventions with different teams mainly engaged in broken branches and fallen plants.

In via del Giochetto, in Perugia, a tree fell on top of a car. Felled plants have also been reported along the E45, from Ponte San Giovanni to Ponte Felcino, where the intervention of the traffic police was necessary. The gusts of wind, in some areas of the region, exceeded 70 km / h (according to what the Perugia Meteo website reports) causing problems with the power lines. There fraction of Casaglia, for example, it went without power for several hours. Some flights arriving at Perugia airport were instead hijacked. The enormous work of the firefighters was also supported by the volunteers of the Alpine and Speleological Rescue who in this emergency phase alternated 15 teams of technicians, operators and health workers.

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