Electricity and gas rationing plan will we have to change the meters?

Electricity and gas rationing plan will we have to change the meters?
Electricity and gas rationing plan will we have to change the meters?
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For days now we have done nothing but talk about smart meters inserted in energy plan. This is the instrument with which the EU wants to ration and cut consumption against price increases. As often happens, however, when a novelty begins to become public, confusion reigns supreme. Not infrequently you can hear people who don’t even know what i is smart meters and they are afraid of not having them or maybe having to shell out some money to get them. In reality this is not the case. The smart meter at least in Italy they have been installed in many homes, we are talking about large scale, to make it clear that the percentage of condominiums and houses that already have them is very high. Therefore, no fear.

Electricity and gas rationing plan, you do not have to change the meters

The EU cannot force citizens to independently reduce electricity and so has thought of these remote systems that are able to cut the electricity during peak hours without the intervention of the supplier. For some years now in Italy the replacement has been taking place, so most of the houses are already equipped with it. There is talk of at least 35 million installations by 2022. It will be thanks to smart meters that it will be possible to implement the gas rationing plan. A plan that also provides for taxation on extra-profits for companies operating in the energy sector and the solidarity contribution from companies that work with fossil fuels.

The advantages of smart meters

Returning to smart meter, in short, the Italian problem does not exist, because most of the houses have it. Moreover, it is very useful to have precise bills at hand and a better awareness of the final customer regarding consumption.

Not to mention that they reduce management costs and energy and consumption costs.
With the arrival of autumn it becomes essential to stop the increases in gas, electricity and the energy crisis as a consequence of the war in Ukraine. The final decision should arrive by the end of the month and then the government will decide the time slot in which to limit the current. The hypothesis is that consumption will be cut for a monthly total of 10%, of which 5% during peak hours.


For families it will mean having to give up using two or more appliances together during peak hours. We will certainly talk about the new energy plan for many days, a plan that will undoubtedly change our lives for a few months. We will all be called to review the choices, to choose which appliance to give priority and, above all, to implement behaviors to save. And of course this involves some renunciation.

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