Basket C Silver, what a blow: Matteo Ghirelli renews with Despar

Basket C Silver, what a blow: Matteo Ghirelli renews with Despar
Basket C Silver, what a blow: Matteo Ghirelli renews with Despar
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Despar 4 Torri has officially found an agreement with Matteo Ghirelli to continue together for another year.

This is a real market hit for the grenades, who managed to keep a player who last season did very well since his first match with the 4 Torri jersey, on March 6 in Granarolo, finishing at the top of the ranking of the best. scorers with 21.5 points per game in the play-offs – with performances to frame, like the 32 against Virtus Medicina and the 29 scored the following week on the difficult parquet of Castel Guelfo. A player with excellent technique, Ghirelli is capable of building excellent shots from the dribble, especially from the three-point arc, managing to find the basket from any position on the pitch, even from prohibitive distances.

His manufacturing qualities place him by right in the role of driver of the team; but not only that, because the boy born in 1996 is in fact the “oldest” of the very young team set up by the grenade staff: one more reason to transmit experience and charisma to the younger players. With the closing of the agreement, Matteo thus joins the brothers Luca and Daniele, already aggregated to the Serie C Silver group under the orders of coach Tarquini.

My choice to continue with the 4 Torri is also due to the fact that last year I felt good at the club level, the staff made me feel immediately at ease, even though I had arrived in the current season “, said Matteo. Ghirelli. «This year, with this new project for the growth of young people, I hope to bring some experience, and to help my teammates to grow on a technical and human level. The goal is to have fun and not feel inferior to anyone, in the group there is enthusiasm and the desire to do well“.

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