How to best recycle broken clay pots

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R.recycling broken terracotta pots in an original and creative way is possible. Here are some simple ideas to start with and get inspired

If you think that the only recyclable things are those that are thrown away in the separate collection such as paper, cardboard, plastic, etc. know that this is not the case. But indeed, even from objects that you would never have thought of using in a different way from their original purpose, new things and super design accessories can be created. original and functional. For example by recycling i terracotta pots where you usually place your plants and which, unfortunately (or maybe not), have broken.

By modifying its function to get a something new and beautiful. All using a little of your imagination and creativity. And maybe taking inspiration and inspiration from these creative recycling ideas that we give you below.

Broken terracotta pots or places of enchantment?

The first idea to recycle broken clay pots is to create gods inside them magical landscapes fairytale, to embellish your balcony, terrace or garden. To do this you will simply have to take your broken terracotta pot and fill it with small succulents, wooden objects (such as houses, flowers, pumpkins, etc.) just as if you were composing a small village. Giving new life to your vase and the space in which you decide to place it.

An original candle holder

Another way to recycle a broken terracotta pot, perhaps bringing it inside the house and using it as furnishing component, is to change its function. Using it, for example, as candle holder. How? Simply by placing it vertically on the ground and placing candles of different sizes inside it. Taking care to create a harmonious mix of shapes and colors and having the certainty that your floor will not be affected by the wax that could slide down from the candle once lit.

Create a terrarium

If you love plants so much that you want to recycle your broken clay pots for the same purpose you got them for, then your best bet is to reuse them as a terrarium. For example by filling it with succulents or why not, also depending on the size of the vase, using it as containers for the culture of aromas (basil, rosemary, etc.). An original idea to give new life to your vases and creatively embellish your kitchen.

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Try the kintsugi technique

If yours artistic vein is very developed or if you want to try new techniques just to have some fun, broken terracotta pots become your best allies, trying to recover them with a particular Japanese technique, the kintsugi. An art to repair broken objects using mixtures based on gold dust but also silver, bronze, brass or copper. To do this you will need to:

  • get the epoxy resin and the powder of the color you prefer, mixing them together in a container:
  • at this point you will have to spread the mixture obtained directly on the crack of the vase, gluing it immediately to the mating fragment. And making sure that they stick together perfectly, continuing until all pieces have been reassembled.

The art that resides in a broken clay pot

But not only. Another way to recycle broken terracotta pots is to enhance them exactly for what they are, but giving them a new artistic look. To do this you will only have to take the various pieces of your vase, leaving them raw and their original chi and or painting them as you wish. Once done, you will have to take the various pieces and place them inside a glass vase big enough to hold them all. Creating a unique and original “vase in the vase”. A beautiful design complement of sure effect and that, you can be sure, you will have only you.

To make your home and the environments you love even more personal. And giving your broken terracotta pots another chance to show themselves in all their brand new beauty.

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