Marcell Jacobs and Nicole Daza finally get married

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“Happy birthday to the best part of me.” It is with this dedication that Marcell Jacobs wishes his bride Nicole Daza both a happy birthday and a ceremony worthy of a queen. On the day Nicole turns 29, in fact, the couple says “yes” in the suggestive setting of Torre di San Marco in Gardone Riviera, which became famous in the 1920s when it was bought by Gabriele D’Annunzio. Black tuxedo, patent leather shoes and sunglasses for him and dress of four meters of train embellished with a floral clip studded with rhinestones in the hair she, Marcell Jacobs and Nicole Daza seal their love welcomed by dozens of fans and onlookers who, at the old port of Desenzano, immortalized the Olympic champion on a boat, accompanied by his mother Viviana and ready to head for Torre San Marco. Guests are 170, but with an excellent absentee: it’s about Lamont Jacobs, Marcell’s father who, after having abandoned him as a child with his mother Viviana, preferred to desert the wedding.

“He didn’t come, he threw me away. This time I didn’t even hear it. Fortunately, my grandmother, uncles and some cousins ​​arrived from the United States last Sunday, in all sixteen people “, said Marcell Jacobs in an interview with Gazzetta dello Sportnot without a veil of bitterness. “Who is your dad, my friends asked me when I was a child: he doesn’t exist, I replied, I barely know that I bear his name.” For years I have built a wall. And when my dad tried to contact me, I didn’t care. I hated him for missing, I reversed the perspective: he gave me life, crazy muscles, speed. I judged him without knowing anything about him»Revealed Jacobs after winning gold at the Tokyo Olympics. Escorting mom and dad are, however, the two sons Anthony and Megan, born respectively in 2019 and 2020. Several details leaked from the wedding: from the menu based on raw seafood and pork shank to the destination of the honeymoon – between Bali and the Maldivesstarting on September 24th.

Marcell Jacobs and Nicole Daza have been thinking about getting married for some time, and the right time has finally come. “I love you to death, soon we will fulfill our dream”, Jacobs wrote on Instagram referring to his almost bride who, faced with the tale of Marcell’s bachelor party, must probably have had a laugh. “We had a lot of fun, on Fridays with the Capo Plaza concert, while on Saturday they dressed me as a prisoner and handcuffed me, taking me around from the Fleming district to Ponte Milvio. I suffered an absurd heat with that disguise ». The couple, who met in a nightclub in Milan in 2018, will return to Italy after their honeymoon on October 15th. Until then, just relaxation, love and a dream that has finally come true.

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