More fires in Sardinia, aircraft flying in the territory of 9 municipalities

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The most challenging fires broke out in Berchidda, where two Canadair also intervened, and in Decimoputzu. Here the flames involved greenhouses and dangerously licked the external areas of some scattered houses, even reaching a tool shed.

Day of super work for the Forestry Corps of Sardinia, engaged today in the suppression of 24 fires, for nine of which were used, in addition to the men on the ground, also the air vehicles of the regional fire fighting system.

In the north of the island, the most challenging fire broke out in the countryside of Berchidda, in the locality of Sa Segada. The shutdown was coordinated by the staff of the Berchidda Forestry Corps Station. At first, given the prohibitive weather conditions due to the strong wind, the regional helicopters did not operate, but two Canadair from Olbia and Ciampino. Only in the afternoon did the helicopter from the Limbara base come into action. The men of the Forestry Corps of Oschiri, the teams of Forestas di Berchidda, Oschiri and Tempio Pausania, the Barracelli of Berchidda and Loiri Porto San Paolo, the Fire Brigade of Olbia and Ozieri and the volunteers of Olbia Gaia also intervened in the area. 2.

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The other fires in the province of Sassari broke out in Pattada (Malzanitu locality), where the helicopter stationed in Anela intervened, ea Burgos (locality Mandronaghe). Also here due to the strong wind two Canadair initially had to operate, the helicopters coming from the bases of Anela and Ala dei Sardi arrived only in the afternoon.

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In Southern Sardinia, a Decimoputzu, in the locality of “Riu Serra Gureu”, the flames involved greenhouses and licked the external areas of some houses scattered in the countryside adjacent to the Provincial Road 3, also reaching a tool shed and piles of household goods in a land.

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The men of the Capoterra Forestry Corps station intervened to bring down the fire, a helicopter took off from the Pula base, the volunteers of the Civil Protection and the Fire Brigade of the Iglesias detachment with two vehicles, five operators and a tank truck left from the headquarters headquarters of the Cagliari Command. During the firefighting operations made difficult by the strong wind, the firefighters also identified and secured some LPG cylinders in private land.

Finally, helicopters were also engaged in Nuoro (locality P.ta Marreri), a Fonni (Nuraghe Nole), a Muravera (Torre ten cavalli locality), Villasalto (Su Muristene locality) e Arbus (locality rio Ollastu).

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