Alarm in Italy, supermarket closed for radon gas: you were always shopping there

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Radon gas is the cause of the closure of a well-known Italian supermarket and now the alarm in Italy is high. But what is it about? Let’s deepen the topic.

Radon –

Due to an excess of radon gas, one of the well-known supermarkets has closed. Here, where everyone is shopping, excesses of this have been detected highly dangerous gas. The supermarket therefore had to close its doors to its customers, with all the consequences of the case.

Radon gas, why is it dangerous?

According to what emerged from the experts during the conference “Radon geological risk from the earth an invisible danger to health: how many do I know”, the 10% of lung cancers it must be attributed to radon gas with 3,200 cases recorded per year.


Geologists explained that this is a natural and radioactive noble gascompletely odorless – tasteless and colorless and is in second place as a cause of tumors immediately after the cigarette.

The president of the Italian Society of Environmental Medicine – Alessandro Miani – highlighted that this radioactive gas is present in indoor environments, silently settling on bronchi – pulmonary alveoli and bronchioles. When inhaled, it releases some radiation which gives away to a tumor.

In recent years, they explain, there has been a increase in cases in consideration of how things are changing also from an indoor and not only external pollution point of view.

Supermarket stocks
Stocks of the

The Radon the risk of lung cancer increases, obviously depending on the degree of concentration present in the place of exposure.

Italian supermarket closed for radon gas

In Frascati, a well-known supermarket was suddenly closed to check the gas concentration indicated above considering the slow-release radioactive element. The supermarket in question is the Carrefour in Piazza Marconi and already in 2021 the Filcams CGIL Roma Lazio had reported a high incidence of tumors, along with other pathologies of an oncological nature in that particular point of sale.

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The unions asked those in charge of the supermarket to install meters, so as to check the situation.

In the supermarket Carrefour of Frascati it was found that the level of radon gas was 4 times higher than the permitted limit. The results arrived five months after the installation of meters: pending the final and overall data, Carrefour decided to close the store overnight, communicating an immediate ordinary restructuring.

The response of the trade unions and of Carrefour

Remote environment interviewed Lanzi from Filcams CGIL Rome and Lazio who explained the fact. Right from the start, the company used unclear terminology and then the cancer cases detected were too high for a single point of sale and in prevalence.

Precisely for this reason it was asked to carry out an in-depth investigation and to be able to install meters for radon gas. Although the legislation is clear, Lanzi reports that all this had never been done in these 20 years of activity especially in that area.

Buy at the supermarket
Buy at the

Carrefour confirmed that the decision to close the store was taken immediately, so that all the necessary investigations and the massive restructuring of the point of sale. In the declaration sent to TeleAmbiente by the Carrefour Press Office, it is stated that the protection of the health of collaborators and customers is in the first place, for this reason all the necessary measures have been implemented. In the next few days, more news will be available on the matter.

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