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Even Guccini in the ranks of “VIPs against Giorgia Meloni”

Even Guccini in the ranks of “VIPs against Giorgia Meloni”
Even Guccini in the ranks of “VIPs against Giorgia Meloni”
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The favorite singer-songwriter from the militant left could not miss in the ranks of “VIPs against Giorgia Meloni”: Francesco Guccini. In a face-to-face conversation with Diego Bianchi from Live propagandaGuccini joins the chorus of the “frightened” of the ever-increasing consensus received by the leader of FdI, who as September 25 approaches make the left lose all hopes of reversal.

But, if nothing else, he does it with the sarcastic streak of those who, after all, at 82 years old can take the eventual victory of the center-right with philosophy. Thinking he is likeable, Guccini offers an ironic reading of the continuing association between Meloni and the fascism: “You say that when fascism was born it was gone. But she defines herself as a Christian and when she was born, Christ was already dead. Now she wanted to keep the flame in the symbol of her party. But the problem is that people you often forget things “.

Guccini, then, could not exempt from the reference to the cornerstones of anti-fascism, echoing the appeal of Pier Luigi Bersaniamong communists it is understood, who asked Meloni to “recognize” the 25 April: “He said that it is the celebration of all Italians and said that the Italian Constitution was born on April 25. But like Bersani, I believe that Meloni will never be able to say these things”.

Then he tells an anecdote, from the times when Meloni was probably in her early twenties: “In the 90s I received a phone call from Giorgia Meloni, I didn’t even know who she was. At the time she was the secretary of the young people of An e he wanted me to attend their meeting in Atreju. I politely refused. ” Not a gesture like that honorableactually, given that the festival that at the time was organized by Youth Action It was nothing more than a moment of transversal confrontation and encounter beyond ideological fences. But Guccini, apparently, likes his fence too much, and it is well understood that he cannot and does not want to accept that other currents of thought can receive appreciation.

Finally, after that “great refusal”, the two have returned to confront each other in more recent times, when Guccini had the great idea of ​​expiring his incredible talent as a composer to elaborate a real refrain. infantile: “In 2020 I made a joke: singing ‘Bella Ciao’, changing the words slightly. She infamous me for a passage of the text: ‘There was Salvini with Berlusconi, (…) with the Meloni beams who would like to return. But we will resist, (…) we will resist as the partisans did. Or partisan take them away, like April 25. Meloni – Guccini points out – thought that I was referring to piazzale Loreto, but I absolutely did not think of piazzale Loreto. I was thinking of Berlusconi’s elegant parties, Salvini del Papeete and mojito, Meloni’s and breaking Greece’s back.

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In reality, in addition to the fact that Guccini’s references, both desired and unwanted, were nonetheless anything but brilliant, Meloni did not disgrace him at all. He wrote on his social networks: “What exactly does Francesco Guccini mean when he says that with Meloni, Salvini, Berlusconi they will make the ‘resistance as the partisans did’? That they should do summary trials, hang us upside down, shave our hair and expose us to Public pillory? What do you mean when you say ‘oh partisan take them away’? Where should these partisans take us? To confinement, to jail, where? This is called incitement to hatred, dear comrades. But we will never be intimidated, ever. in the ballot box, if you are capable of it “.

Now, that time has come. In a week it will be discovered that the left, to win the confrontation from the electoral point of view as it is typical of democracies, is capable or not.

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