that’s why his name can come back

that’s why his name can come back
that’s why his name can come back
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Daniele Rugani is a player in serious performance crisis, with his name that can rise again in the coming months thanks to a secret.

The objective of the Juventus certainly that of being able to try to win the championship again, with the Tricolore that for two years now has been the shore on the Naviglio of Milan, with Daniele Rugani who could unexpectedly become the right man to surprise everyone.

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A great team like Juventus needs to be able to always have players who can be considered of the highest level in order to always compete at the highest levels.

Daniele Rugani had represented a great hope when he was bought by Empoli in 2015, with the Tuscan defender who unfortunately never managed to confirm his great expectations.

In fact, he was always left to rot on the bench with the hope that he could learn more and more through the teachings of Giorgio Chiellini, Andrea Barzagli and Leonardo Bonucci, but unfortunately the situation has degenerated.

To completely collapse its prices was the loan in the 2020-21 season, the real disastrous before Rennes and then to Cagliari, with his return to Turin which was practically mandatory.

Despite this, he still seems to have absolutely different cartridges to be exploited, considering in fact how the boy has been able to demonstrate in the last period that he is really growing.

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Last season Rugani in fact he had shown to be much improved and to be much more reliable, but the real secret seems to be the great maturity he has been able to achieve in recent years.

The testimony seems to have come from his fellow in the historical department of the Under 21 national team, or thatAlessio Romagnoli than with the shirt of Lazio seems to be living a second youth after difficult years al Milan.

It is absolutely not to be excluded that he is a defender who matures much later than other roles, above all because he needs to be able to get more and more in tune with the environment and with his teammates, with Rugani who is currently 28 and is therefore in the prime of his career.

Rugani grows up and takes Juventus

In addition to this growth from a mental point of view of awareness on the part of the Rugani it cannot even be ruled out that he could be considered a real leader within the Juventus defense.

In fact, in the absence of Leonardo Bonucci is exactly Rugani to be the defender with more experience in Juventus, indeed it can be said to all intents and purposes that he is the only defender, together with the 2021 European champion, to have played in the past in a great team.

The purchase of Bremer for an incredible amount of 50 million euros, however, it must be justified by the field, considering in fact how the Brazilian played only for Turin until last year, while with Cats he took a real gamble.

So here’s why Rugani he could be more and more revitalized during this season, being in fact a player with great technical skills and above all in this moment he has finally obtained that great tranquility in the plays, with his great goal that is finally to be able to explode in Juventus.

The article is in Italian

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