“For rivers and territory, funds are not enough, we will ask the government for an extraordinary plan” – Corriere.it

“For rivers and territory, funds are not enough, we will ask the government for an extraordinary plan” – Corriere.it
“For rivers and territory, funds are not enough, we will ask the government for an extraordinary plan” – Corriere.it
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from Virginia Piccolillo, sent to Senigallia

The president of the Region: “We have no cuts in the maintenance of the Misa river”

Francesco Acquaroli, as president of the Region, and now as emergency commissioner, how do you explain this disaster?

“Climate change is now a very harsh reality.”

She is from FdI, the center-right by the opponents is accused of denying the problem.

“Who says that? How can you be a denier about this? ».

You were already commissioner for hydrogeological instability. There are those who point the finger at the responsibilities of the Region.

“We have only been here for 20 months. We are carrying out many projects for the area. But time and resources are needed: this is why we will bring to the attention of the Conference of Regions and the Government the need for an extraordinary plan for the security of the territory ».

Is it true that you have cut the funds for the maintenance of the Misa River?

“Never. But who could deny resources to an extraordinary emergency like this? ».

So why weren’t the works done?

«Misa needs an overall project that costs more than 100 million. We are making it happen and we will enhance it. As we did for the protection of the territory: by financing interventions for an amount exceeding the previous 5 years ».

Did the weather alert not work?

«Such extraordinary and localized precipitations, in a very short time, have never happened in the Marche: in a few hours the rain of 6 months has fallen».

Renzi accuses: you did not use the funds of Casa Italia for Misa.

«At the time there was no such council. In any case, the Region activated a request to the Ministry of the Environment for 45 million, of which, however, ten have been disbursed. Then there is the European programming that Brussels has yet to unblock us. Pnrr funds are not yet available ».

So what to do?

«We need extraordinary national programming. It is a problem that concerns the country. In the Marche there are twelve rivers, with narrow valleys perpendicular to the Apennines. The Region does not have the resources, maintenance is not done with ideas ».

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But at least in this summer of drought could not the river be cleaned of logs?

«The maintenance for the rivers has always been financed by my council. In two years we have allocated 6 million ”.

Why hadn’t the mouth been dredged?

“No. The dredging had begun. But it had been blocked by environmental procedures ».

Why was the expansion tank work stopped?

“The inherited initial project was incomplete. It did not consider interference with service networks. It had to be changed. However, the works are not stopped. The price increase was also managed. It being understood that my role is not to intervene in tender or construction site procedures. On the contrary”.

Is the “Marche Model” claimed by Fdi still spendable?

“A natural disaster has nothing to do with the Marche Model. I am sorry that this occasion, so painful for us, is used to make instrumental political polemics ».

Are you afraid of the investigation?

«No, it seems right to me that we clarify. As far as I am concerned, I did and we are doing our best ».

Monsignor Zuppi asks for concrete choices for the future. What will yours be?

«Responding to environmental safety is a priority for me. But resources and simplification are needed. Otherwise it is like crossing the ocean with a rubber dinghy ».

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