The cucumber of Macron, Conte sbrocca and Di Maio: so, today …

The cucumber of Macron, Conte sbrocca and Di Maio: so, today …
The cucumber of Macron, Conte sbrocca and Di Maio: so, today …
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– Moscow day, you can understand it from the internet pages of the newspapers wandering here and there looking for the hit of the day. Without succeeding

– tragic the choice of France to “leave us in the dark for two years”, disconnecting that 5% of electricity that we usually import from beyond the Alps. Tragic in the sense that Europe knew very well that, once sanctions were made, the industrial countries that would pay the most for it would be Italy and Germany. In my home, “European solidarity” is not achieved by disconnecting electricity, whatever the reasons (in this case, some plants under maintenance). But not even discriminating between allies. In fact, Macron preferred, as usual, the Franco-German axis: he will supply Scholz with gas, which will send him back electricity. And we will remain with the match in hand, or rather with cucumber who gave us Emmanuel. But basically we are used to the migrants of Ventimiglia, so what to be surprised by?

Republic tried with the story of the neo-fascism, and it failed. Then she tried the Tricolor Flame, and she went wrong. She then moved on to international alliances, pointing to Meloni as the younger sister of Orban’s “non-democracy”. Finally, now, she tries it with 194. Today, a paradoxical title: pregnancy interruptions have dropped by 74%, as if it were a pity

– I just can’t understand why it is incomprehensible to the left how the position of those who intend to minimize abortions can be legitimate, because it is legitimate. Not banning them, or boycotting them. But by increasing active policies in favor of those women who perhaps, maybe, who knows, may not want to go that far

– voluntary assault of Civic commitment and destroyed the lotus gazebo. A horrible thing, just like what happened a few days ago at the Lega and as often happens to the Brothers of Italy. But the news here seems to me to be this: there are volunteers of Civic Commitment

– Basic income, Conte sbrocca: “Renzi comes unescorted to speak with the citizens to speak and present his ideas. He says that in Italy there is no need for a social protection system ”. If Salvini had used such a language (to which two words, “full powers”, still break the boxes) they would have sent the blue helmets. Unacceptable the former prime minister, who is perhaps getting a little too carried away by the heat of the election campaign

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aridaje Read with this history of the right and the links with Orban and Putin. He spent a good two months talking about Meloni, rather than his own program. It doesn’t seem like a great idea

– I didn’t write anything yesterday about the case Richetti and the girl who allegedly was harassed by a senator because guarantorism requires, especially in these cases, a lot of caution. But feel Republic do the lecture also no. I respect Stefano Cappellini, capable and intelligent. But that from the Scalfari newspaper, which has embroidered us for years on Berlusconi’s legal affairs, the invitation to “shut up” on the Richetti case arrives … well: it seems a bit too much. Not to acquit and not to condemn, to wait for the investigations, to evaluate the evidence. It is called guarantorism and it is not against anyone, on the contrary it is in defense of the dignity of all and all. “All true. But perhaps Cappellini should have it printed on the desks of his reporters

– the Russian embassy writes a post on Twitter sharing a cartoon of Altan: “We rarely agree with what Repubblica writes, but how can we disagree with the second person in the cartoon?”. And magically the title becomes: the Russians criticize (indeed “attack”) the Republic. Tell me: where is the attack?

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