Darsena, the firefighters event in memory of Pinuccio La Vigna, who died 4 years ago in the fire of San Giuliano Milanese

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On April 6, 2018, the volunteer firefighter Pinuccio The Vineyard he lost his life at the age of 48 during a huge fire in an industrial warehouse in San Giuliano Milanese. Since then, every year in memory of him, his colleagues in the Milan command have organized a series of initiatives in the city. This year the celebrations will take place during this weekend (17 and 18 September), between the Darsena and the Pieve Emanuele barracks.

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Today, in particular, in the Milanese artificial water basin there will be a rowing aboard a ‘dragon boat’ (canoe with 20 seats), because “water has always represented the ally par excellence for us firefighters during fires. – says the fireman Paolo Festa – This initiative is very significant, because rowing together towards a single goal is a metaphor for the memory of a person victim of duty, who died in the service of the whole community ”.

Milan, the salute of the firefighters to the volunteer who died in the stake: silence and the sound of sirens


The ‘mythical’ Isotta Fraschini car

In addition to the crews of the Milan firefighters, those from Bellinzona (CH) were present at the event, as well as the firefighters from various Lombard provinces, but also from regions such as Emilia Romagna, Trentino Alto Adige and Piedmont. Furthermore, during the initiative in the Darsena, various vehicles were exhibited, including the ‘mythical’ Isotta Fraschini car, and from the early hours of the morning and throughout the day ‘Pompieropoli’ was set up to teach children what risk through play.

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Tomorrow, then, at the detachment of Pieve Emanuele – where the volunteer was serving – at 11 at the cippo there will be a moment of remembrance and prayer for Pinuccio in the presence of his brother and uncle. Afterwards, a lunch will be offered to the participants and a medal will be given to all those who participated in the rowing in memory of these days.

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Micele: “Every year we really and ideally aggregate the whole command”

“We are pleased to remember our colleague Pinuccio La Vigna every year and we do so through an event that really and ideally wants to aggregate the entire command of the Milan fire brigade”, says commander Nicola Micele. And the commemorations are made up of “a mixture of joy and pain for a colleague who is well-liked by the whole detachment, very helpful and tied to the command”, underlines the fireman Paolo Festa. But the most moving memory is that of his girlfriend Amalia, with which the volunteer was supposed to get married a few months after the tragic accident: “Pinuccio was an employee at the Revenue Agency and was a firefighter not because he had nothing to do, but because it was his passion – he explains – Every year I participate in these events in his memory which are beautiful and show the good heart of all the firefighters. “” My life has drastically changed since his death – adds Amalia -, but I’m sure that wherever Pinuccio is, he will be proud to see these days as bearers of those values ​​of solidarity towards others, which have pushed him to the point of losing his life ”.

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