Olindo Romano and Rosa Bazzi who they are, Erba massacre / Today they say “it wasn’t us”

Olindo Romano and Rosa Bazzi who they are, Erba massacre / Today they say “it wasn’t us”
Olindo Romano and Rosa Bazzi who they are, Erba massacre / Today they say “it wasn’t us”
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Olindo Romano and Rosa Bazzi They were sentenced to life imprisonment definitively on May 3, 2011, after three levels of judgment and the evaluation of 26 judges. Rewinding the tape of history that saw them finish in prison for life – at the center of the special broadcast tonight on the Nove entitled Erba – Story of a massacre -, we come to their confession on the massacre of Erba and, even further back, to that11 December 2006 in which they would have carried out the heinous murders. Olindo Romano and Rosa Bazzi were found guilty of the slaughter in which four people lost their lives: Raffaella Castagna30 years old, the little son Youssef Marzouk2 years old, her mother, Paola Galli60 years old, e Valeria Cherubini, 55-year-old neighbor. Only one would have been saved from the murderous fury of the spouses: Mario Frigeriohusband of Valeria Cherubini who escaped death, despite being seriously wounded in the throat with a knife, thanks to a congenital malformation of the carotid artery.

The spouses of the Erba massacre, Olindo Romano and Rosa Bazzi, have been in prison for years and are serving life sentences for the massacre in the place where they lived before their arrest. court of via Diaz of the same municipality of the province of Como. Despite the confession and testimony of Frigerio – who placed Olindo Romano at the scene of the crime as the perpetrator of the massacre – they retracted and said they were innocent. “It wasn’t us“, They declared to the microphones of an exclusive interview with de Hyenas after 12 years behind bars, sewing the frame of victims of a judicial error. A version clearly disavowed by the outcome of the process who saw them condemned.

Who are Olindo Romano and Rosa Bazzi, condemned for the Erba massacre

Olindo Romano and Rosa Bazzi, husband and wifewere born in 1962 and 1963 respectively. Accusati e condemned for the Erba massacre in December 2006, they serve a life sentence definitively following the outcome of the three degrees of trial against them for the massacre committed in the court of via Diazwhere they both lived untilarrest. Married for years and without children, a reserved existence lived between work and home – he garbage man and she cleaning woman -, before the massacre in Erba they had many disagreements with Raffaella Castagna and Azouz Marzouk, husband of the same and father of little Youssef stabbed to death with her. Condominium disputes over issues of “too much noise”: at the Marzouk house, according to the spouses, there was never a shortage of guests who lingered until late at night disturbing the peace of the neighbors.

In their confession after the Erba massacre, Olindo Romano and Rosa Bazzi would have assumed a conduct aimed at mutually assuaging their positions regarding the responsibilities for the massacre: each one to attribute the maximum weight of the blame to “save” the other and lead him to eventual release from prison. A failed “project” under the lens of justice which recognized both of them as perpetrators of the slaughter. On May 3, 2011, at the end of a tortuous judicial process full of admissions, retractions and the conviction of Azouz Marzouk on the alleged innocence of the defendants, Olindo Romano and Rosa Bazzi collected the life sentence on a definitive basis.

“It wasn’t us”: so Olindo Romano and Rosa Bazzi backtrack on confessions

The bodies of the victims of the Erba massacre were discovered after the alarm raised to the fire brigade for a fire flared up at Raffaella Castagna’s house. The flames, according to the reconstruction during the investigations, would have been set by the killers to cancel theirs traces and delay the investigative activity. On 11 December 2006, Olindo Romano and Rosa Bazzi allegedly massacred four people, including a child of only 2 years old, in blows with bar and knife failing to kill the fifth victim of their fury, Mario Frigerio. Both ended up in the cone of the investigation after the position of Azouz Marzouka Tunisian with a history of drugs and a past as a prisoner, was expelled from the range of suspicions: that day, the husband of Raffaella Castagna, father of little Youssef, was in Tunisia.

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Years after the beginning of the detention, Olindo Romano and Rosa Bazzi have entrusted an “alternative version” of the story to the microphones of Hyenasportraying himself in front of the cameras as victims of a sensational judicial error. “It wasn’t us“, Stated interviewed by Antonino Monteleone, in an attempt to remove from themselves the mass of elements that would have constituted the architecture of a evidential system deemed by the judges overwhelming. Azouz Marzouk has repeatedly asked for the case to be reopened: “Olindo Romano and Rosa Bazzi are innocent and my family’s killers are out“, But nothing, according to Italian justice, would insinuate doubt about their guilt. According to the spouses, the investigators should have ascertained the validity of theirs confessions before committing them to trial: “If I make a confession to you – stated Olindo Romano a Hyenas in 2018 – at least go check it out, don’t take it at face value“. Even today, like his wife, he claims not to be the “monster” of Erba.


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