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The 7th day of A league is upon us. The coaches are also protagonists who, in addition to preparing all the matches, are also preparing to share in the usual ones press conferences of the 7th day all the useful information to decipher the probable formations who will take the field as well as giving important answers for the fantasy football tips for fantasy coaches. Attention, therefore, to the words of the protagonists of the day useful to guide you in your training choices and perhaps resolve some doubts.

Press conference NICOLA Salernitana-Lecce

You have seen in Bologna Mazzocchi arm for most of the race. Gyomber he trained today, he’s fine. Either way it’s ready too Pirola. I am fortunate to have absolutely flexible players. Tomorrow you will see“.

Press conference BARONI Salernitana-Lecce

Fatigue? He is back and available, despite having done a workout and a half. I don’t know if immediately or if the race is in progress. Umtiti? He is getting better from the point of view of his condition, he is getting better every day. It must also be said that his teammates are doing well, but as soon as the opportunity arises he is ready ”.

THIAGO MOTTA Bologna-Empoli press conference

“On module I can tell you that it is normal that with a change of technical driving there are changes, but I do not want to upset what has been done in the past. Barrow I see it very well. Orsolini he trained fully today, so he’ll be there tomorrow. Zirkzee he is one of the players who raises the level of training because he has important characteristics. He puts me in difficulty in training and it is thanks to a player like him that the level of the team is raised. I choose according to the work done during the week “.

Press conference ZANETTI Bologna-Empoli

Basically, I would like to reconfirm the team as a whole but I have situations to monitor and players who are pawing. Ismajli? I met Ardian this year, from the first day’s interview, one look was enough to understand: he has an extraordinary character, he goes on the pitch with the eyes of a fighter

GOTTI Spezia-Sampdoria press conference

“Reca had a physical problem in Naples and was unable to return in the final minutes. We thought it was something serious but it isn’t. Gyasi I think I have him even though she has done separate work, while Strelec is skilled and enlisted. Sala joins together with Verde, Amian and Maldini. Ekdal, on the other hand, worked well, this is a good sign, he can find minutes per game in progress

Press conference GIAMPAOLO Spazie-Sampdoria

Winks? He is following a differentiated work program. I don’t know when they will give it back to me. I hope he can return to the team next week to train. I don’t know the times. Colley? It is recovered. He did training this morning. So far he has trained in bits and pieces but today he played the game. He is summoned ”.

JURIC Torino-Sassuolo press conference

“Singo or Lazaro? Singo had a problem that kept him out, then in the last two weeks he has been working well, see you tomorrow. In my opinion Lazaro can do more. He did well, but in my opinion he has a margin. They are players who playing little in the past years have lost something and still have to find the best form, maybe they make you some games well and then they drop. I still have to decide for tomorrow. Defence? I don’t think there has been much alternation. The changes that have taken place have been for other situations. Djidji, Buongiorno and Rodriguez have acquaintances from last year and have done well. Then there are the drops in form, or maybe you change due to the characteristics of the opponents. But in basic defense I want continuity. Then there are always opportunities for everyone. Good morning? I think Ale has the knowledge of last year, he has worked hard and is taking advantage of his opportunity. Injured? Miranchuk there is not yet for this match. Karamoh needs to get right. Radonjic he is fine, he has had a full week and will be available ”.

Press conference DIONISI Turin-Sassuolo

Obiang is available from the first season, it is normal that it would be useful to put minutes in the legs, to date he has not succeeded because in the choices he has not been taken into consideration but he is an important player. With Udinese he came to the bench with an ailment, he had given guarantees anyway. This week he has resumed and is at 100%. Erlic he has not recovered, like the rest of those unavailable for last Sunday’s match ”.

SOTTIL Udinese-Inter press conference

“Jaka Bijol he’s fine, he returned to the group mid-week and did some training with the team. I saw him calm and he is at your complete disposal. I can say the same for Jean-Victor Makengo, he solved with his fatigue. I saw him explosive and free of his head, he is also available. For Beto I think the reintegration discourse is over, we can say that it is absolutely recovered on a physical level. Gerard Deulofeu is commendable. He sacrifices himself a lot for the team, does a great job and does everything at 300 km / h in training and in the match. He is calm, but it is clear that the attacker lives on goals, and inside him there is the desire to find the net“.

INZAGHI Udinese-Inter press conference

Playing so much I need everyone and clearly for us coaches it is a great sign when you see that, by changing players, you always manage to keep a tidy and compact team.

Press conference ALVINI Cremonese-Lazio

Castagnetti he has never trained in a group and will not be there. Neither Carnesecchi will come with us. Dessers? She has our total trust, she doesn’t have to be anxious. The goal will come, in Serie A you have to adapt, but we have great faith in him and I am sure he will score important goals for us. I’m glad to Dessers And Okereke, I said they played in moccasins to stimulate them and help them understand what we needed, I am convinced they understood. Tomorrow we will see whether to play with a low vertex for protection or with a higher one to break their Source of play. I have to evaluate and I will decide in the morning. Sernicola from the beginning? He played a good game in Bergamo and we could continue on that path “.

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Press conference SARRI Cremonese-Lazio

He will not make any statements

ITALIAN press conference Fiorentina-Verona

He will not make any statements

CIOFFI Fiorentina-Verona press conference

We recovered Ceccherini today, as did Piccoli, who trained all week. Instead, Pharaohs comes out: I forced him, and he forced himself, but he has to stop because we can’t go on like this. Nothing serious, but he needs time. Tameze? Up to now he hasn’t played because I thought he was behind the choices I made, for several reasons. I liked how he got in: I’m reviewing the real thing Tamezeas I am reviewing Ilic. It is not yet thellic last year, but he’s putting a lot of effort into it. Doig? I am convinced of one thing: some young players need to improve what can be improved. He has to improve in what he has to learn, everything else already has it. He’s a 2002, he can’t have Darko’s readings. Kallon? Now he is an equal, he is fine. It’s my choice, it’s not a timing issue: he’s fine and I’m happy with what he’s doing“:

Press conference PALLADINO Monza-Juventus

The Monza, individually, he has very strong players. I’ve tried several things, even the defense at 4. I haven’t decided yet, but the Monza can play with the 3-4-3 or the 4-3-3, but these are numbers. The important thing is the attitude. Petagna? Unfortunately Andrea had a slight muscle discomfort, we need to understand the extent of the injury. Mota? He has great technical and physical qualities, he can do both the first point and the outside with inverted foot. Vignato? He is a player that I like a lot, even when he was at Chievo he thrilled me, he is a player of great technique and very much reflects my way of being on the pitch. I know him, I know that he can give a lot, he is young and he must return from the national team with a smile and a great spirit of sacrifice, he must put me in difficulty with the lightness with which he arrived. Vignato he knows how to do things. We are considering whether Carlos August he can play forward in midfield or behind in the 3 defense. We also evaluate whether to change goalkeeper or not. The most important thing is that everyone is putting me in trouble“.

ALLEGRI Monza-Juventus press conference

Locatelli, Alex Sandro And Rabiot there are not. Teak there is but it is not at its best, play Perin. Of Maria he will return from the first minute, I have to evaluate if he plays Kean or Kostic. We have some changes with some guys, then I have to decide in defense who to play. I meet my dear friend Galliani, together with the president it is always a pleasure to see them “

MOURINHO Rome-Atalanta press conference

He will not make any statements

Press conference GASPERINI Rome-Atalanta

Boga? I think about performance: it depends on him, when there will be performances adequate to what the team requires, there will be more space. Every week there is this thing, even on Muriel I’ve heard a few things: Muriel played a lot, last year he made 27 out of 38 matches. Who are the injured? We have the usual three, he added Zortea who has a hip problem, we hope to recover it next week. Boga recovered after Tuesday’s problem. Hojlund? The features are the right ones, he impressed everyone favorably, Atalanta made a major investment, he is a 19-year-old young man. Pasalic false 9? It is a possibility“.

PIOLI Milan-Napoli press conference

Leao? It does not matter who will be missing tomorrow, but the spirit and the qualities. Saelemaekers he is a right-footer who can play left, can re-enter and shoot. Maldini said that Leao should stay, I agree perfectly. The player is aware of this, he is very willing and available: he is doing everything at his best. Change module? I decided it and we tried. It is not the absence of a player that can make us change a balanced and always proactive way of being on the pitch, Leao has certain characteristics, Saelemaekers has other characteristics and we will exploit them.“.

SPALLETTI Milan-Napoli press conference

Demme after the break he will resume with the group, now he does things with the ball but individually. Lozano it is recovered and available. Simeone or Raspadori? One gives more depth, attacks the spaces behind the line, has more physical, the other is different, they are different because we have chosen them to have all the possibilities. Raspadori it becomes more slippery when it comes to dribble, the second goal of the other day tells it, it also depends on the characteristics of the opponents. Who goes deeper is usually more finalizer, who comes to take the ball binds more, gives you more numerical superiority, these are the characteristics. I’m happy because we don’t depend on Osimhen“.

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