Who is the villain of the Marvels?

Who is the villain of the Marvels?
Who is the villain of the Marvels?
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At Disney’s D23 Expo event, several new features were shown on some of the most anticipated Marvel titles. However, some content was not shared online and consequently only the press was able to access it; but to the delight of the fans, after the event the various newspapers reported all the information collected. Among these we find SlashFilm which has published details on the first trailer of The MarvelsMarvel Studios film due out next year.

New enemy for Captain Marvel?

In The Marvels trailer, a woman appears for a few seconds holding in her hand a hammer very similar to that of Ronan the Accuser, character from the Guardians of the Galaxy saga, played by Lee Pace. What we have known for some time is that the woman in question is an antagonist played by Zawe Ashton, current partner of Tom Hiddleston who plays Loki in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While what still remains shrouded in mystery is the identity that Ashton goes to cover in the MCU.


After the revelation of his entry into the cast, the first theories had begun to circulate among the fans; but with the appearance of this particular weapon shown in The Marvels trailer, some hypotheses have become more targeted. As The Direct reports, for example, Zawe Ashton could play Hala: a character from the Marvel Comics and last survivor of the Accusers who has as a weapon a staff capable of projecting energy and being summoned from afar. Or Ashton could be another comic book character, the terrible one General Kree Ael-Dan or even a fusion between the latter and Hala, created specifically for the movie The Marvels.

The Marvels trailer

The trailer for The Marvels shown at D23 Expo, in addition to dedicating a short frame to the potential new enemy of Captain Marvel, showed other scenes involving the latter and the other main protagonists.

At the beginning of the trailer we see Monica Rambeau who, while in space, receives an unexpected visit from Nick Fury, who is preparing to investigate a strange rift similar to the one that gave the woman the powers. When Monica touches this crack, she swaps places with Kamala Khan. Hence the story connects to the post-credit scene of the Ms. Marvel series finale, where protagonist Kamala swapped places with Carol Danvers, aka Captain Marvel. Monica, Kamala and Carol unwittingly continue to swap places, until the three of them finally reunite and find themselves having to fight some Kree. The trailer closes with a comic curtain, in which the three superheroines try to understand why they had previously continued to be teleported from one side to the other.

The Marvels and the future of Captain Marvel

The Marvels is the sequel to the 2019 Captain Marvel movie. Brie Larson returns to play the role of Carol Danvers / Captain Marvel alongside Teyonah Parris reprising the role of Monica Rambeau, as well as Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury, Iman Vellani in the guise of Kamala Khan / Ms. Marvel and Zawe Ashton as the villain. The plot of The Marvels is linked to that of the Ms. Marvel TV series starring Iman Vellani and to the upcoming series Secret Invasion, starring Samuel L. Jackson.


Brie Larson left several interviews during and after the D23 Expo event, in which she talked about her character’s future and what to expect in the Captain Marvel sequel. When she was asked by The Direct how long she will still be playing Carol Danvers, she Brie was very vague and she replied:


I do not know. Anyone want me to come back again? I don’t really know. I don’t know the answer to this question.

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Speaking instead to the microphones of Good Morning America, the actress revealed something more about her role in the film The Marvels:

The first film told the story of her origins, explaining who Carol Danvers is. Now with The Marvels we will delve deeper into its complexity. There is much more to explore than that about her. There are parts of her that are not very beautiful, we will see that a heroine is not a person who makes the right decision every time.

In the following tweet you can see a short clip of the interview:


The Marvels will be released in American cinemas on July 28, 2023, as reported in the guide of all Marvel releases of 2023.

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