Lotito unleashed, thus winning votes in the electoral campaign [VIDEO]

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The president of Lazio, but also Forza Italia’s candidate for the senate in Molise, goes wild and seems almost unrecognizable

It doesn’t look like him, but it’s him. Just him yes, the president of Lazio Claudio Lotito who gives himself mad joy on the dance floors in a social club where he went to meet the voters and become known in turn. And he did it in a surprising way, trying to fit in in the nicest and most engaging way.

Claudio Lotito, president of Lazio (LaPresse)

And there it is, in the center of attention, but above all of the dance floor that shakes and moves like a skilled dancerto the rhythm of dated songs like i Watussi, Let’s Twist Again and That’s Amore. Around him ladies with their respective husbands who dance, sing and laugh with president of Lazio.

A video that has been around the web and that is talking a lot. Some Biancocelesti fans, not many for the truth, did not like it, especially for the moment the team is experiencing. Others, on the other hand, remained indifferent, also because it is certainly not the first video circulating of a Lotito that yes highlights in Molise where he is trying to get as many votes as possible.

He, Lotito, is doing all he can to get into Parliament, even if that seat where he was placed should not hold any surprises. It should be remembered that four years ago the patron of Lazio remained out of the Senate. He applied in Campaniaalways with Come on Italybut he couldn’t.

Lotito’s goal

Or rather, he took the votes and he always said he was elected, so much so that he went ahead with one legal battle. And who knows if this seat is not somehow a small compensation for what happened four and a half years ago. Now try again and, to enter a Madama Palacehe bet on Molisewhere he casually passes by a pub with disco music and stadium choirs and also shows, let’s say, a fair degree of ease in dancing.

Lotito and the decision that displaces Lazio (La Presse)

It is true that the election campaign he is doing looks a bit vintage, but according to the Lazio patron it is bearing fruit. After all, the aspiring senator does nothing but turn the Molisetalking to everyone from industrialists, to peasants, to normal people he meets on the street or at the bar, playing billiards and trump cards and adding his classic phrase: “With Lotito the result is guaranteed

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THE Lazio fans they didn’t like some things very much, like that of promising compensation to the Campobasso for the missed encounter with the Lazio in 1987. But maybe it was just a joke to impress and grab a few more votes In politics and during the electoral campaign they say, and above all, many things are done. Even those you least expect like dancing and singing. A bit on the style of Cetto La Qualunque. But who? He, Lotito? Yes yes, just him.

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