the prosecutor investigates for manslaughter. The CNR intervenes on the causes of record rain and flooded rivers

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Flood in the Marche: while the search for rescuers continues with the incessant work of the Fire Brigade, the Ancona Public Prosecutor’s Office has opened a file for manslaughter and culpable flooding. At the same time. we try to identify and understand the causes of the tragedy that hit the Region.

Marche, flood: the Procura of Ancona investigates for manslaughter

The Procura of Ancona has opened a file for manslaughter and culpable flood still against unknown persons. The investigations, entrusted to the Carabinieri Investigative Unit, are coordinated by the deputy prosecutor, Valentina D’Agostino and pm Valeria Cigliola. To begin, the prosecutor has decided that the bodies of the victims are subjected to a CT scan with only external examinations and without yet carrying out an autopsy. The assignment was entrusted to the Forensic Medicine of the Torrette hospital.

Meanwhile, the search for the missing persons continues and attempts are made to restore, where possible, a normal situation in the places affected by the flood. The Prefecture of Ancona makes it known that “200 units of the fire brigade, 100 of the carabinieri, 50 of the state police and 30 of the Guardia di Finanza are involved. The firefighters have set up three advanced command posts in the municipalities of Barbara, Senigallia and Ostra in the Province of Ancona ”.

The CNR intervenes on the causes of record rain and flooded rivers

After the tragedy, many are wondering how such a catastrophe was possible. The Research Institute for Hydrogeological Protection of the National Research Council tried to give some answers: “The disturbance that in the last few hours has concentrated in the areas of the Marche Apennines has caused numerous and serious effects on the ground such as landslides and flooding of streams – explains Paola Salvati of the Cnr-Irpi – The data recorded by the rainfall monitoring systems of the national rain gauge network that Cnr-Irpi imports hourly show that in the afternoon-evening of Thursday 15 September the intensity of the rain recorded at the rain gauge in Cantiano (PU) was found to be the most intense. of the last 10 years “.

A record rain fall in a few hours which has significantly increased the flow of streams and rivers. “In particular – sSalvati folds again referring to the data collected in Cantiano – for that rain gauge the cumulative rainfall recorded in the time interval 17: 00-21: 00 was 265 mm. The most violent hourly intensities occurred between 19:00 and 20:00 with 76mm / h, reaching a peak of 90mm / h between 20:00 and 21:00. These rain measures have increased the flows of streams and rivers which have caused considerable damage and victims in the province of Ancona ”.

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Furthermore, “In the areas affected by the perturbation of 15 September, victims have been recorded on several occasions due to the flooding of rivers, as already happened for example in 2014, when 3 victims were registered in the territories of Senigallia and Ostra Vetere (AN). In general, analyzing the data in the Catalog over a broader time period and on a national scale, in the 22 years between 2000 and 2021 the regions with the highest number of victims from flood phenomena were Tuscany (27), Sicily (25), Sardinia (24) and Liguria (24). During the same period the Marche region suffered various flood events which caused a total of 7 victims “, comments Saved.

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