Vallesina / Alluvione, Michele Bomprezzo among the victims: three communities in pain

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The eleventh body found, lived in Arcevia but managed the library and the youth point in Cupramontana and Staffolo

by Cristiana Loccioni

Cupramontana, 17 September 2022 – The eleventh victim of the flood that brought the Senigalliese area to its knees was found last Thursday.

This is Michele Bomprezzo, 47 years old, brother of‘former mayor of Arcevia, Andrea, Municipality where he was also a resident.

Michele was one of the three missing in the Senigallia area, his body was found in the morning today come on Fire fightersnot far from the car, which had been found yesterday in Misa river.

Michele Bomprezzo collaborated with the cooperative The Unmarried Machines, ran the library and the point young of the Municipalities of Cupramontana And Staffolo, he was returning at home after a day of work which had ended in Cupramontana at about 18.30.

As usual, his machine it had also been sighted that evening in territory of Serra de ‘Conti. Subsequently the disappearanceafter that nightmare night.

A tragedy which shocked not only Arceviabut also i two countries where Michele worked And he was well-liked and loved by all.

Stefania Sorana
Stefania Sorana

Unfortunately the pain for the whole community tested for the events of the last few days yes adds a pain stronger than takes your breath away to many of us: the disappearance of Michele. Until the end we all hoped to receive positive news, but the fury of the storm has deprived us of all hope – the mourning of the Deputy Mayor of Cupramontana, Stefania Sorana -. It is not easy to describe a sensitive soul, generous, honest and polite like that of Michele. A boy tied to his work, to his books and to all of us who walked around it, thanks to our library. Going to say hello was a pleasure who always came fueled by his smile, from her hospitality“.

«I express to the family by Michele, from my partof the Mayorfrom all the municipal administration and of cuprense community all our condolences for this terrible disappearance and we hug each other for a sincere hug “.


Also Sauro Ragni mayor of Staffolomourns the disappearance of Michele.

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Sauro Ragni
Sauro Ragni

“Michele was part of our team, a exquisite personalways at the service of the many boys and girls approaching the library, him along with others formed the Culture Committee of Staffolo, he put a lot of passion into it he knew practically everyone was a point of reference, both for us of the Administration, and for the school world and for citizenship. We owe him so muchfor our cultural growth, but also for thatinput more than him he knew how to give at the library itself, thanks to his strong participation and determination. This was Michele and we can only huddle around the family“.

There are still two missingthe little Mattia from 8 years and the 56 year old Brunella Chiu who was in the car with his daughter, who was also among the victims.

A region that mourns its victimsbut the ache it seems even stronger when it touches the heart of many communities.

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