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LPG price for heating: is it still increasing? – h24 news

LPG price for heating: is it still increasing? – h24 news
LPG price for heating: is it still increasing? – h24 news
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As a still quite widespread alternative to natural gas for domestic heating, LPG is now the center of attention of many Italian citizens. In fact, according to official estimates, there are more than 7 million families who currently use LPG in our country. As has happened for electricity and diesel, LPG has also undergone a considerable increase in costs in the latter period. Currently, the price of LPG for heating for domestic use in Italy amounts to 802.54 euros per 1,000 liters. We are therefore talking about lower figures than those of diesel, which seem however destined to increase further in the near future.

The current situation is essentially anything but rosy and there are no longer any great doubts about this. Whether it is LPG, methane gas or diesel, heating private homes this autumn and winter could prove to be very, very expensive for Italians.

LPG price: will it increase in the coming months?

Many are wondering today what will be the trend in LPG prices in the coming months, because if until now this was a relative problem, with the drop in temperatures expected as early as the next few weeks, the situation could precipitate. On the other hand, heating your home is a necessity and, as we have mentioned, there are several Italian families that use LPG as an alternative to diesel and methane.

Well, unfortunately the data in our possession are not at all reassuring. It seems in fact that the price of LPG is set to increase further in the coming months, subject to a timely intervention by the Government. In fact, the international political situation, burdened primarily by the conflict between Ukraine and Russia, caused such a sharp increase in costs. However, the taxation and tariffs imposed by the various suppliers must also be considered in the global scenario and all responsibilities must be recognized.

How to reduce the costs for LPG

Saving and therefore reducing the costs related to the supply of LPG in the coming months is not easy for Italian families, also because everything depends on the tank from which they are drawn. Customers who have their own tank can consider themselves lucky, as they have the ability to switch suppliers at any time and without any obligation. Right now, the offers offered by the various LPG dispensers are often advantageous so it is not difficult to find some opportunities and save money.

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On the other hand, the situation is different for those customers who have a tank on loan for free use and who are therefore bound to purchase LPG from a specific supplier. In this case the only thing that can be done is to negotiate the price and above all try to maximize consumption. Heating cannot be done without when temperatures start to drop, but various strategies can be adopted to avoid wasting LPG unnecessarily. For the moment, these are the only precautions that can be taken: pay attention and hope that the price will drop.

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