the 22-year-old African American chosen to play Ariel

the 22-year-old African American chosen to play Ariel
the 22-year-old African American chosen to play Ariel
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On his account the web has divided: rivers of tweets, articles, protests and encouragement, indignant people and virtual applause, all at the same time. Who is Halle Baileythe 22-year-old Little Mermaid who even before the release of the Disney remake (scheduled for May 2023) made so much talk about herself?

The Little Mermaid goes black, the debate explodes on social media: “Unacceptable”. But black girls are partying

Halle Bailey, who is the new 22-year-old Little Mermaid

Here she is unknown to most people, but the actress of African American origin already has a lot of professional experience: born in 2000, icon of Generation Z, she is a star born on Youtube where, together with her sister, she wrote and played songs. Then, in 2016, their first album and then the tour with Beyoncé and Jay Z of which, as a child, they sang the covers. A duo of all respects given that since 2018 they have collected 5 nominations at the Grammy Awards.

The debut on the big screen and the controversy

Then, Halle’s career as an actress started: in 2019 she was chosen to play Princess Ariel in Disney’s new live-action, whose songs she also sings. “After much research it became clear that Halle has that rare combination of intelligence, heart, youth, innocence and substance – explained director Rob Marshall – as well as a fantastic voice, all qualities necessary to play this iconic role”. Not everyone, however, agree with him: there are those who still say they are surprised (to put it softly) that the actress chosen does not reflect the characteristics of the iconic character we all know. But Disney does not back down: an official statement explains that the important thing is to “tell the story” and that “the spirit of the character is the only thing that really matters”. Meanwhile, the followers of the new Little Mermaid have reached 3.4 million.

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