it is the revenge of the cold, which will now last

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Italy is experiencing a real thermal shock in these hours: it is the expected seasonal turning point between summer and autumn, even if today temperatures are plummeting up to 10 ° C below the averages of the period, reaching values typically winter. The case of Pescarawhich this morning had reached i + 31 ° C and now it has even fallen to + 15 ° C in broad daylight on the Abruzzo coast, a temperature worthy of January. We have already seen the sensational cold record recorded today on Monte Rosabut it is impressive how suddenly in the Center / North today the population has had to hurry to dust off sweatshirts, sweaters and other clothing typical of the cold semester after the typically summer heat experienced until a few hours ago.

This thermal shock, widely announced by ours forecast in recent days, it is due to the undulation of the Jet Stream which is diverting cold air directly from the North Pole to the heart of Europe, between Italy and the Balkans. Extraordinarily beautiful and illuminating the video that shows the movement of the air masses that swoop rapidly from the Arctic Circle to our home:

Jet Stream drives cold air from the North Pole to the heart of Europe | VIDEO

The British Meteorologist Scott Duncan highlighted with an image how much it is “impressive“This cold wave for Europe after the record start of September in terms of heat:”a few days ago we reached i + 40 ° C in France and now it’s snowing under the 1,500 meters on Alps“:

As for Italy, however, as we can see from the main map accompanying the article, there is nothing surprising that it is still hot in the far south, in Puglia, Calabria and especially Sicily, where until tonight the temperatures will still remain high, even higher than the average for the period. Suffice it to say that today Catania has even reached the + 37 ° Ca very high value for the period, while in Palermo, Bari, Messina, Reggio Calabria and Lecce the mercury column still shows + 29 ° C as we write. The cold front will break through to South only next night, causing temperatures to drop even in the southernmost tip of the country except for Sicily southern that will not be easily reached by this cold and between Agrigento And Syracuse it will have to be limited to a refresh.


Beware, however, that this anomalous cold is not temporary: the temperatures will remain so low, between 4 and 10 ° C lower than the averages of the period, for the whole coming week with some milder fluctuations only in Sicily And Sardinia. In the rest of the country it will continue to get cold, more intense in the North / East and in the Adriatic Regions, thus completely compensating for the positive thermal anomalies that we had in the first part of the month.

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In short, autumn has really arrived. And it comes just in conjunction with theEquinoxwhich this year will hit the September 23. To monitor the situation in the best possible way weather forecast in real time, below we provide a list of pages with all the useful information to follow the meteorological nowcasting minute by minute:

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