Flood in the Marche: Bergamo firefighters clean up mud from the streets

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Bergamo. A Gos Earth Movement team of the Bergamo firefighters is at work in the Marche region to provide support to colleagues who are managing the emergency due to the flood that hit the Ancona area.

Five firefighters are working to remove mud and debris from the roads to allow the movement of heavy vehicles to be restored and thus arrive in the most affected areas, in the countries that are still isolated.

There are 11 confirmed victims, two missing, including Mattia Luconian 8-year-old boy, snatched from his mother’s arms who tried to bring him to safety, both overwhelmed by a wave of water and mud.

The mother, a 42-year-old pharmacist, is hospitalized with a beginning of pneumonia and cannot rest. On the evening of September 15, the woman was returning to Barbara after her work and she was in the car with her son when the river overflowed. Her mother picked up her autistic son in her arms and got out of the vehicle, but the fury of the water ripped him away. She tried to reach him but, due to the darkness, she lost sight of him and from which moment Mattia was lost.

A leak in the right bank of the Misa river, near the Borgo Molino district, already flooded two days ago, is worrying the municipal administration of Senigallia. This is a rupture of limited dimensions of about 1.5 meters which could, however, in the event of a new flood, create other problems. On Saturday there was a provisional and extremely urgent repair of the leak located immediately after the A14 motorway bridge after the immediate notification to the Regional Civil Protection was triggered. The area, still struggling with cleaning due to the recent floods, was also flooded in 2014.

The Procura of Ancona has opened a file for manslaughter and culpable flood still against unknown persons. Immediately the yellow alert issued hours earlier by the Civil Protection of the Region appeared and was much more serious than the light risk feared. There is no talk of kidnappings, but the carabinieri have been in the offices of the Marche Region to acquire documents that will be useful for investigations.

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