Carrera Cup Italy | Vallelunga, Lorenzo puts the arrow

Carrera Cup Italy | Vallelunga, Lorenzo puts the arrow
Carrera Cup Italy | Vallelunga, Lorenzo puts the arrow
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Coach Simone Iaquinta, who is the 2019 and 2020 champion of the Porsche Carrera Cup Italia, also smiles, looking at the times and results obtained by Jorge Lorenzo in the qualifying of the fourth round of the season of the tricolor monobrand underway in Vallelunga.

The Calabrian rider smiles and comments: “Today Lorenzo went very well and was happy. I’m sure he will improve even more, what you explain to him then puts it into practice, he has no problems from that point of view, he’s used to it”.

The multiple MotoGP champion continues to progress at the wheel of the 911 GT3 Cup of the Q8 Hi Perform Team, in general and also in direct comparison with the other drivers followed under the Ghinzani Arco Motorsport tent.

In view of race 1 in the afternoon, the first entry into PQ2 arrived on the Roman circuit (passed the “cut” with the best 15 of PQ1 admitted to the decisive session for pole position) and the best qualifying (12th), 8 tenths from the pole position, but also less than half a second from the fourth time set by the reigning champion Alberto Cerqui.

Evidently, in this sense, last week’s tests, in addition to the pre-race one on Thursday, also served: “It was important to do more kilometers because there was a lack of continuityLorenzo explains in the Carrera Cup paddock –. Between one race and the next there was a lot of space and I lost a little everything I had learned in the previous appointment “.

At what point do you feel now, then, with respect to the knowledge of the 911 GT3 Cup?

“We definitely took a step, the last one is still missing, but being 8 tenths from pole position is a goal that we set ourselves and we have achieved”.

It is also important because it concerns the absolute performance, that is the most complex one especially due to the warm up to be treated on the tires.

“Qualifying was my handicap because I was always able to go strong after 6-7 laps. But now I haven’t been super explosive but we have improved in that aspect. Even though I’m certainly still a bit more competitive in the race.”

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Is it true that everything you assimilate then you put it into practice?

“Yes, I have always been a driver who never went back from the steps he took. And with the cars it’s the same. It’s a matter of kilometers. they have decisive tricks, I still don’t. “

So more tests are planned for the season finale …

“I have two tests in mind in Monza and maybe one for Mugello, so we will be ready for the last races too.”

Vallelunga is a track you’ve never faced on a motorcycle: was the approach different?

“I have to say no, but it’s a track that I really like. It’s a bit narrow in the last part, with that little go-kart hairpin, but I like the technical tracks because I’m a driver who has a strong point in driving sensitivity. I had also driven it last winter, but too much time had passed! The fact of having tested a week before was very important, as was the help of Iaquinta, who taught me some secrets . “

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