Inside Man / Su Rete 4 the Spike Lee film with Clive Owen and Denzel Washington

Inside Man / Su Rete 4 the Spike Lee film with Clive Owen and Denzel Washington
Inside Man / Su Rete 4 the Spike Lee film with Clive Owen and Denzel Washington
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Inside Man, the Rete 4 film with Jodie Foster

Tonight, Saturday 17 September, at 9:25 pm on Rete 4 the film “Inside Man“. The film dates back to 2006 and was directed by the director Spike Lee. The main protagonists are Denzel Washington, Clive Owen, Jodie Foster and Christopher Plummer.

One of the best bank robberies of the decade: Spike Lee hits the mark, his jittery camera works wonders. (…) A contest of cynicism in an original film, with a whirlwind rhythm in which the guardian angel-devil author mixes the cards of Good and Evil in a crooked story-quiz structure, settling old fines and grudges”, Wrote Maurizio Porro on Corriere della Sera in 2006, the year the film was released.

Inside Man, the plot of the film

The story of “Inside man”Is set in the city of New York. Five robbers enter an agency of the “Manhattan Trust” as harmless painters who want to score the famous “perfect shot”. Two police investigators arrive on the scene to replace Captain Darius (Willem Dafoe), up until then in charge of operations. The two detectives are Keith Frazier (Denzel Washington) and colleague Bill Mitchell. Meanwhile, the president of the “Arthur Case” credit institution, learned of the robbery, gets anxious because personal secret documents are kept in a safe deposit box of the branch which, if discovered, would have serious consequences for him.

In order for this disaster not to happen and to carry out the negotiations with the robbers in the best possible way, he asks for the intervention of an expert in international mediation, Madeline White. Thanks to her friendship with the mayor of the city, Madeline persuades Detective Keith Frazier to work with her, in exchange for her he promises her a promotion and the dismissal of her investigation against her. With permission to enter the branch, Madeline will be able to meet the robbers chief, Dalton Russell. Speaking with him, Madeline discovers the secret of President Case’s economic rise. In fact, in her safe there is evidence of her relations with the Nazis during the Second World War. There is no doubt that Case became rich by seizing the money and valuables of the Jews imprisoned in the extermination camps. Russell does not want to get rid of the contents of the safety deposit box, in reality he and his men did not want to commit a robbery but only wanted the documents useful to put the houses in a tight spot.

In turn, Frazier starts negotiations with Chief Dalton, the first approach is by telephone then the two meet. Even if there is a verbal and physical confrontation between the two, a mutual respect arises such as to induce Frazier to talk about his private life and the economic difficulties that do not allow him to marry his girlfriend. Meanwhile, the special forces are about to raid the bank, it seems that a hostage has been killed and no time to waste. To avoid capture, the bandits hide among the hostages, creating total chaos.

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Finally everyone can get out of the bank, Dalton instead hides inside keeping the documents and jewels with him. When you discover the wall with the false bottom made by the robbers full of objects of all kinds, no one will suspect anything. In addition, as it turns out that nothing is missing from the bank, the case is closed. A week has passed, the bank branches have started working again; Dalton comes out of hiding and goes in the direction of the exit. At the same time Frazier arrives and Dalton manages to put a beautiful diamond in his pocket. The detective, who still had suspicions, realizes that a safety deposit box has been cleared of all contents. After a difficult confrontation with Case, Frazier and colleague Mitchell deliver the ring proving the president’s guilt to Madeline White, the jewel will be handed over to the commission that examines war crimes. When Detective Frazier comes home he realizes he has a diamond in his pocket. It is a gift that Dalton wanted to give him so that he could give it to his girlfriend.


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