the performance does not prevent him from being expelled

the performance does not prevent him from being expelled
the performance does not prevent him from being expelled
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Grealish was knocked out with a kung-fu blow in the Wolverhampton-Manchester City half-hour: his opponent tried to deny the evidence but his performance was not enough to prevent him from being sent off.

The Manchester City continues his march at the top of the standings thanks to the 3-0 net on the field of Wolverhampton which has seen the protagonist Jack Grealish in different situations. The number 10 of the Citizens and the English national team scored the advantage of Pep Guardiola’s team in the first minute of play, making the most of De Bruyne’s assist, but shortly after the half hour he was literally knocked down by an opponent with a kung-fu hit.

Nathan Collins’ cleats ended up on Grealish’s chest and the referee of the challenge, Anthony Taylor, could not help but show him the red card without too many words: the defender tried to assert his reasons and his innocence but the decision was inevitable.

The most ‘beautiful’ part, not for Grealish in all cases, is the willingness on the part of the Wolves player to try to deny the evidence: Collins, after hitting the opponent in the chest, pointed to the ball, as if he really had anticipated the opponent in the flying play. Sometimes it seems really incredible how the adrenaline leads to make these gestures despite the dozens of cameras that are on each field and how each action is scanned in all details.

The expulsion arrived just after the half hour completed a difficult start to the race for Bruno Lage’s men: it took Pep Guardiola’s team 55 seconds to take the lead with Grealish and things got worse when 15 minutes later Haaland scored his 11th league goal. Race practically archived already in the first part and Phil Foden thought about it definitively in the 69th minute.

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Some recalled Nigel de Jong’s football to Xabi Alonso in the 2010 World Cup final, between Spain and the Netherlands: in that case, however, the Dutchman incredibly managed to get away with it because referee Howard Webb felt he didn’t have to take action. .

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