Cortellesi is back with Petra 2, love peeps out / video – Culture & Entertainment

Cortellesi is back with Petra 2, love peeps out / video – Culture & Entertainment
Cortellesi is back with Petra 2, love peeps out / video – Culture & Entertainment
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Sarcastic, modern, intuitive, angular, “she is not particularly empathetic and therefore she has this form of great freedom and this creates difficulties in relationships but she does not care”. Paola Cortellesi actress and screenwriter (and soon we will see her debut in the unprecedented role of director) returns to action as the inspector Petra Delicatothe second season of the crime series is coming up Sky Cinema and Now from 21 September, four new stories set in Genoa, by Sky Original. At his side Andrea Pennacchi in the role of Deputy Inspector Antonio Monte. But we will see a Petra and an Antonio who, from the first season have formed a sort of de facto couple, are drinking companions at the end of the shift, lean on each other, evolve in their relationship: “the possibility of changing one’s life, to change your mind, to change your way. The possibility of realizing that you are always looking for something to discover “.
Cortelesi talks with Pennacchi at his side, during the Sky presentation. “We will find ourselves in front of new cases and we will find ourselves in front of new loves. We will see my character waver, Antonio has decided to get married but who knows … Petra will make new encounters – (” She went to bed with our dead ? “asks Monte” At that moment he was in better shape “is the answer)”. The four new episodes, with the beautiful direction of Maria Sole Tognazzi, are written by Giulia Calenda, Furio Andreotti and Ilaria Macchia with the collaboration of the screenplays by Paola Cortellesi. This time they will bring us four new investigations: a murder within an exclusive district, a chain of homeless deaths, a double murder during Carnival, the theft of a gun – and not just any gun.
“Strengthened by their consolidated relationship, Petra and Antonio seem to have found the perfect balance. One might think that they don’t need anything else to be happy, but life always has surprises in store”. Especially when you are ready to question yourself, to listen to an unexpected desire for change. The series, produced by Sky, Cattleya – part of ITV Studios – and Bartlebyfilm in collaboration with BETA FILM is based on the works of Alicia Giménez-Bartlett, published in Italy by Sellerio. Maria Sole Tognazzi (working on her new film for the cinema, freely based on the book by Chiara Gamberale, For ten minutes, and written with Francesca Archibugi ed) points out: “Petra is one of those characters you would never want to let go away and I missed her, just like a friend. Fortunately for us, the public met her shortly after and were impressed by her as much as I was. One of the reasons I accepted was to be able to return to work with Paola, whom I deeply respect, twenty years after the next past “. Cortellesi, who collaborated on the screenplay, adds: “This is the first time that I shoot a second season (apart from the sequel to a Cat on the ring road which was an exceptional event and of which she has always collaborated on the screenplay), this is because Petra Delicate is a character that I loved very much from the first moment: his pet is a spider who claims to be man’s best friend, because he asks for nothing, does nothing and eats once a month. Petra is unsettling, unconventional strong but constantly struggling with her weaknesses, faithful to herself but ready to question herself above all a free woman who does not fear the judgment of others. She is expected to change as little as possible. Instead she is unique, even in this. Why Petra changes.
And she does it not for fashion or convenience, but to be faithful to herself and she succeeds even if she maintains her spirit, her character of independence. So we will see her attracted to two men even if she believed after two marriages that ended badly, that she did not need it, having found in Antonio Monte the ideal man who is ready to be there at any moment, their friendship is an authentic relationship, but also he will meet this woman.
Petra is a destabilizer, one capable of questioning everything, which is why she does not always receive sympathy, she is an explorer of life and we will see what happens. “The screenwriters Giulia Calenda, and Ilaria Macchia underline: At the end of the first season, Petra admits to having let Antonio into her granite solitude. But life is always ready to surprise us. Petra – very ironic, it must be said -, clings to her solitude with tooth and nail. The strength of the series and the mediate the part of crime, thrillers with comedy “.
During an investigation, Petra meets a psychiatrist who helps her on the case of the death of a homeless man. Petra begins a relationship with this man who, on paper, seems to have all the characteristics to be perfect, but their relationship will take an unexpected turn. And we will have proof of this when she meets Marco, the father of a little girl involved in one of the most shocking cases that Petra has ever faced. In the cast also Manuela Mandracchia and Francesco Colella, respectively in the roles of Beatrice and Marco, two new characters. (HANDLE).

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