Salento resident in Switzerland on trial

Salento resident in Switzerland on trial
Salento resident in Switzerland on trial
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The denies L’friendship on Facebook and he there threat: Antonio D ‘Autilia, 36, from Castrignano dei Greci, resident in Zurich, will be in the classroom on 21 October. At the preliminary hearing, in front of judge Sergio Tosi, the 36-year-old can ask for a plea deal or an abbreviated procedure. The man, who has lived in Wallisellen for years, had been arrested by the Swiss police last July and transferred to the Milan prison: in the interrogation before the judge Simona Panzera, he not only admitted his faults but apologized to the victim and admitted that needing psychological support.

The conversations on social media and then the threats

The young woman refused the friend request on Facebook sent by a Salento resident for several years in Switzerland who for this reason would have threatened to kill her, to scar her with acid and to rape her: “This summer as soon as I arrive in Lecce they give me your address, get ready, you can block me when you c … you want … for me you can’t hide. I will kill you slowly“. These and other threats, conveyed through the social networks Facebook and Instagram, which cost the prison of Antonio D ‘Autilia, 36, of Castrignano dei Greci, resident in Zurich.

The man ended up in prison to protect the safety of the girl, her boyfriend also for the phrase “I bury you alive”, his sister, a cousin and three friends. All contacted and systematically threatened, he supports the accusation of aggravated persecutory acts, including through videos and photos with macabre and violent images.
D’Autilia who would have made it a obsession to take the life of this girl and deprive her of the freedom to choose who to have relationships with on social media and in real life. Banned several times, even with profiles other than the one with his real name, rather than giving up he would be furious further. Waste would become a challenge. And they would have made him even more angry: “The more you spite, the more hospital awaits you, you and that … (uses a sexist offense, ed) who is next to you … for lack of respect you get a couple of slaps .. . (another insult, this time addressed to the girl, ed). It was a pleasure to play with you … ah how many slaps await you. Don’t worry, you’re not the first to lose to me. ” Then the death threats: «… two slaps are better than being underground, believe me. Your sister’s p … is going to be in the hospital for a couple of months … this happens when she plays with the wrong people. I had to be in prison or underground ».

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