‘Petra 2’, Paola Cortellesi reveals the previews of the new season

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ROME – Petra Delicato is back in action. After the success of the first season, the inspector is ready to solve new cases in ‘Petra – Second season’. The four new stories – exclusively from 21 September on Sky and streaming on Now – are written by Giulia Calenda, Furio Andreotti and Ilaria Macchia and taken from the works of Alicia Giménez-Bartlett (published in Italy by Sellerio). The protagonist is still Paola Cortellesiwhich lends the face to the inspector who has conquered the hearts of the public, together with the inevitable Andrea Pennacchi in the role of vice inspector Antonio Monte, directed by Maria Sole Tognazzi who also leads the set this second season.


Petra and Antonio find themselves once again facing a series of very different crimes: a murder in an exclusive area, where a group of friends holds grudges and betrayals behind an apparent serenity; a chain of deaths among the homeless, lonely men and women who have become targets of a ruthless world; a double murder linked to a crime of the past, which forces our people to ask themselves where is the boundary between victims and perpetrators; the theft of a gun – and not just any gun – that guides Petra and Antonio to discover the dramatic universe of the baby gangs. Having overcome the differences of character and method that characterized the first season, Petra and Antonio have become the perfect match for each other, both in professional and private life. One might think that they need nothing more than this perfect balance of theirs to live happily. On the other hand, love is an overrated sentiment, said Petra with such certainty as to convince even her much more traditionalist deputy inspector.

“This season there is a separation between the two because he finds love,” explained Cortellesi during a press meeting. “Monte is Petra’s ideal companion because she shares the joys and sorrows of work with him, but the dynamics of a love relationship are not triggered. Petra – continues the actress – is free and gives up certain relationships, they are her distinctive trait. But with the detachment from Monte her certainties waver and she finds herself a bit alone. This on the one hand is a choice that she pursues with conviction – so much so that in one scene she says ‘I’m perfectly comfortable in my unhappiness, who said I have to be happy?’ – on the other hand, however, loneliness could be an opportunity to open up to love ”.


Life, in fact, always reserves surprises. Especially when you are ready to question yourself and listen to a further, unexpected, desire for change. And so, this second season requires Petra and Antonio not only to solve increasingly complex investigations, but also to open up to the possibility that new encounters mark the beginning of a new, surprising phase in their lives. “The relationship between the two made me understand a lot of things better. For example, about the life of policemen. Every day they face many difficulties and no one wonders what effect they have on their daily life. Petra and Antonio support each other. After Antonio’s initial machismo, the two found a balance, ”Pennacchi said. Sarcastic, direct, edgy, but also modern, generous and passionate. Petra Delicato is many things, she is tough and sweet, starting with her name and surname, which is not by chance an oxymoron. But she is also her, and above all, a free woman who is not afraid to say what she thinks and the consequences of her actions. “Petra is the maximum expression of freedom, whoever does not allow himself to be influenced by the judgment of others is a free person,” Cortellesi told the Dire agency. “It is difficult to reach this degree of freedom, we are all constantly conditioned, some more and some less, by our parents, by our family, by friends, by society. Petra is free and she doesn’t care about the consequences, she accepts them and pays them, ”concluded the actress.

“The characters of films or series but also the heroines of novels often serve to make people find courage or even just an incentive to change”, declared Maria Sole Tognazzi to the Dire agency. Cortellesi’s fear this season “is that Petra would repeat herself. She, on the other hand, does not repeat herself. It’s still her but she grows up and I grow up with her. We are also physically different. He (Pennacchi, ed), for example, has many more wrinkles “, jokingly said the actress, who in ‘Petra 2′” I go back to writing, I gave my contribution in the tone, in the sarcastic jokes and in the relationship with the character of Pennacchi, ”he added.



The cast also includes Manuela Mandracchia and Francesco Colella, respectively in the roles of Beatrice and Marco, two new characters who will revolve around the lives of Petra and Monte. The psychoanalyst Riccardo is played by Sergio Romano. Filming took place in Genoa with the support of the Genoa-Liguria Film Commission. “This city is one of the aspects of this project that intrigued me right away. The peculiarity of Genoa has been a constant stimulus from the first season also from the point of view of filming. Genoa is an interesting protagonist and deserves many roles. Very photogenic, ”said Tognazzi. ‘Petra 2’ – from Sky Original produced by Sky, Cattleya (part of ITV Studios) and Bartlebyfilm in collaboration with Beta Film – debuts on September 21, exclusively every Wednesday at 9.15 pm on Sky Cinema Uno, streaming only on Now and available on demand.

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