cruise ship breaks its moorings, fear on board

cruise ship breaks its moorings, fear on board
cruise ship breaks its moorings, fear on board
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Bad weather in Romagna: due to the extraordinary gusts of bora, the Viking Sea cruise ship, which was in Ravenna, broke its moorings and it took 4 hours to bring it back to the quay. Recovered by tugs, fear for the more than 800 passengers.

Moments of fear today aboard the cruise ship Viking Sea.

Because of bad weather which struck Romagna, with strong gusts of boraconsidered to be of extraordinary intensity, the boat, which at 8 am was regularly moored at the Cruise Terminal of Porto Corsini in Ravennamoved away from its position before being recovered thanks to the intervention of the Port Authority.

The recovery operations of the Viking Sea, on board of which they were there, lasted over 4 hours 870 passengers and about 200 crew members, after it broke the mooring lines crossing and leaning the keel on the sandy bottom.

The rescue intervention prevented the ship from crashing into the cliff in front of the Guardian Pier of the Romagna port.

To keep the boat in trim, the weight of 48 thousand tons and with a length of 227 meters, 5 tugs were used. In the water also the patrol boat of the Coast Guard CP 328 in assistance, and the men of the mooring group.


When the wind decreased in intensity around 12.30, Viking Sea was brought closer to the quay through a complex maneuver, with three tugs pushing on the side and two pulling the cables on the opposite side.

The alarm went off definitively at 1pm. Investigations are underway by the military of the Navigation Safety section of the Harbor Master’s Office – Coast Guard of Ravenna, who went on board for an inspection, to understand exactly what happened.

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The ship will not be able to leave the port of Ravenna until the causes of the event are learned and after the technical checks arranged by the Maritime Authority.

There was no consequence for the passengers.

Bad weather, with rain and gusts of wind that exceeded 100 kilometers per hour, after the tragedy of Marche it has also created various inconveniences on the Romagna coast and above all in the Ravenna area.

The amusement park Mirabilandia in Ravenna it was closed for the whole day today, a Cervia schools remained closed ea Cesenatico Mayor Matteo Gozzoli asked his fellow citizens to leave “only in case of extreme necessity while waiting for the situation to normalize”.

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