Sudden hailstorm in Padua, grains like bullets, machine guns Video

Sudden hailstorm in Padua, grains like bullets, machine guns Video
Sudden hailstorm in Padua, grains like bullets, machine guns Video
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PADUA – A sudden hailstorm it struck the city of the Saint on the afternoon of Friday 16 September. Passers-by who were in the historic center quickly took shelter under the arcades to avoid the large grains of ice, as big as golf balls. The very rapid storm hit in particular the neighborhoods in the south-eastern area of ​​the city, triggering a small ice storm that lasted about ten minutes. Eventually the streets were covered in white. Serious i damage to cars, many of which also have windshields broken by the force of the grains, and roofs of houses. Some houses of the Arcella were without light for about half an hour.

A strong hailstorm also occurred in the area of Noventa Padovana, Ponte San Nicolò, Saonara, Selvazzano Dentro, Piove di Sacco and Legnaro.

It all started with a dark cloud and then a violent volley of golf ball-like hailstones. Ten minutes of damage and fear yesterday afternoon shortly after 4 pm in Padua, in the urban belt and in the municipalities of Piovese. The worst situation was recorded in the city with dozens and dozens of heavily damaged cars especially in two districts: Brusegana and the Guizza, where many cultivated fields have been severely tested. Even in the center, the hailstorm made itself felt, catching many passersby by surprise who took refuge under the arcades.

It is the second strong hailstorm in two months and this time the dents seem to be even more important, as shown by some photographs in which the roofs of cars look punctured by bullets or hit by repeated hammering. And the unanimous comment of the owners who ran into the street, with their hands in their hair to protect themselves but also to despair, is always the same: “A disaster, thousands of euros in damages“. In some cases, motorists have found themselves with i cracked or really smashed headlights. And not all of them are insured.
Serious damage also to the roofs of the houses (in several areas tiles have fallen in the courtyards below) and to the skylights of some condominiums. Inevitable inconveniences to the parables and blackouts of at least half an hour recorded in different areas of the city from the Arcella to the Garden City passing through Voltabarozzo and the Holy Family. By five o’clock, however, the situation had already returned to normal.

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The hailstorm hit all of Padua but reports also came from Albignasego, Legnaro, Saonara, Ponte San Nicolò, Selvazzano, Rubano and other municipalities in the hinterland. The fury of the sky also hit the Piovese, especially the territories of Brugine and Sant’Angelo: in the town square the glass of a car was even broken and different bodywork have been heavily damaged.
No situations of serious flooding emerged as happened on other occasions in recent months and also from the operations center of the fire brigade last night they made it known that the situation was calm: some requests for intervention but no serious situation to manage. Only in Albignasego the staff of 115 had to roll up their sleeves to secure the road after the fall of some branches caused by the wind.

The climatic emergency is increasingly evident year after year and the summer that is ending has undoubtedly been proof of this, with the long period of drought interspersed with hailstorms that have further brought Paduan farmers to their knees.
The official bulletin of the Arpav for today he foresees unstable weather for the whole morning with very cloudy skies and clear spells at lunchtime. Temperatures continue to be hot: if the minimum is 18 degrees, the maximum reaches 28.

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