“With short-term rentals in Milan, 3 thousand euros per month come in”

“With short-term rentals in Milan, 3 thousand euros per month come in”
“With short-term rentals in Milan, 3 thousand euros per month come in”
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The numbers of the Milanese summer speak for themselves: tourists are back, also thanks to the resumption of events, fairs and concerts. And with them even the rooms of hotels and bed and breakfasts are filled up again. But there is another rapidly growing phenomenon, especially in Milan: that of short-term rentals. “Globally, in the second quarter of 2022 we exceeded 103 million nights booked on our platform, the best quarter ever with more than 24% compared to 2019”, explains the country manager of Airbnb Italia Giacomo Trova. «Milan fits fully into this context. Trips abroad have exceeded pre-Covid levels and the restart here was formidable, if we consider that the cities had suffered more from the pandemic precisely because they were more dependent on international flows “.

What are the predictions for the future?

“In Milan there may even be an acceleration. There are two positive trends for the city: the return of foreigners who in percentage grow more than Italians, more and more Americans, English, French and Germans arrive in the city and then the resumption of major events ».

Fairs, concerts, events. How long have they been missing?

«They are having a huge impact on tourism. Last week between the Monza GP, the Jovanotti concert and the European basketball championships, the occupancy rate exploded. These events will continue, we are very optimistic about the fourth quarter ».

Identikit of the host in Milan

«Our surveys show that 35% of those who decide to rent a room want to meet new people. 45%, on the other hand, tell us that what they collected on the platform was essential to find additional resources and compensate for the rising inflation. In the first half of 2022, the Milanese hosts earned about 3 thousand euros, crucial to cover other costs that have risen. It is no coincidence that in Italy the number of people renting with Airbnb has grown by over 60% ».

And the profile of those who rent?

«The popularity of Airbnb is increasingly widespread among young people, but we are seeing that adults are starting to take advantage of the platform as well. In Milan, then, it is clear that the flows are more unbalanced on business tourism and events. For this reason, customers tend to be of professional age. We have found that the tourist in the apartment spends about 120 euros a day, of which a third in bars and restaurants ».

This also favors the local economy.

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«92% of hosts recommend shops and clubs near the apartment to their guests. We encourage renters to publish guides with their own recommendations on what to do, where to buy, what to see. This promotes the local dimension that connects the traveler and the host ».

In Milan, rent is a problem and the Municipality would like to regulate the short ones.

«The dialogue with Palazzo Marino is positive, we are ready to talk about possible solutions. But the housing census carried out in 2011 showed that there were 604 thousand owned homes in Milan. Taking away the hotels and the thousands of empty vacant houses, Airbnb accommodations represent only 2% of the total ”.

Are there many who rent a house to work remotely?

“Long stays have increased a lot since the pre-pandemic. In the last quarter of 2021 those of at least four weeks represented 22% of the nights booked with a general growth of 15% in the average length of accommodation ».

From this point of view, what are you asking of politics?

«One of the themes is the introduction of a visa for those who do smart working, already proposed in parliament. Now only the regulatory decrees are missing. It would be another arrow in our bow for those who come to work from outside the EU. Then there are issues that we raised, in particular on the flexibility of contracts. There is an intermediate world of medium-term rent where there are no effective solutions on a contractual level “.

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