The newspapers reveal who is the germ of Sarri, Cassano and Vieri massacre the technician

The newspapers reveal who is the germ of Sarri, Cassano and Vieri massacre the technician
The newspapers reveal who is the germ of Sarri, Cassano and Vieri massacre the technician
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It’s a witch hunt in Lazio. The words – and above all the accusations – launched by Maurizio Sarri immediately after the mortifying 5-1 knockout in the Europa League against Midtylland made noise and the search for the main culprit started immediately. infecting all the locker room and would be the basis of the continuous ups and downs of the team.

Sarri reveals that there is a germ within the group

After the defeat Sarri said: “It is difficult to understand the reasons: because if I am the motivation, I have to take a step back, if it is a player’s fault it must be sold instantly. Someone within this group insinuates this germ there is necessarily. My fear is that there is some trigger that we have never been able to locate and tame. It is extremely difficult to say how it can be solved, it is not easily solved. It is difficult to frame a situation of this type ”.

The newspapers identify Luis Alberto as the germ according to Sarri

In the Corriere della Sera and in the Messaggero they came to the conclusion: Sarri was referring to Luis Alberto: “The technician’s arrow seems to be addressed again to Luis Alberto with whom the spark never struck. The doubt that the technician is referring to the number 10 takes more and more height. The truth, however, is that the rift between Sarri and Luis Alberto has never been completely recomposed. Because the technician glimpses at times indolence in training, its resistance to tactical application, which would contaminate the whole colony. More than one confirmation leaks from the locker room ”.

Luis Alberto wanted to leave Lazio

The Spanish playmaker had done everything to leave Lazio in the summer after the misunderstandings with Sarri last year. He reluctantly remained (and Sarri himself would probably have done without it) assuring himself to “play with the team, not against the team” but clutches they were never smoothed out between the two.

For Vieri Sarri it is not a phenomenon

While on social media the Lazio fans question the responsibilities of Luis Alberto (“Can a player influence the whole team to such an extent? He doesn’t convince me”, or: “Sarri is ridiculous and those who give him twine are ridiculous”) here is the Bobo’s outburst Vieri that attacks Sarri.

Says the former Inter striker: “Sarri is a normal coach. Did he win in Europe? He has won a Europa League with Chelsea only. Sarri always does all the phenomenon, when it’s not .. I don’t like that every time it loses, it cries. I can’t stand these things … Every time you talk it’s the referee’s fault, every time you lose it’s an excuse “


For Cassano Sarri only good at making excuses

Cassano also agrees: “There are coaches like Sarri, who in these competitions let players play who never play, who in Europa League they scazzano. So better not sign up for the Europa League, tell the president to sign up another team if you have to look like this “

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And then: “Another serious stuff he said is ‘if I find out that the problem is me, I’ll take a step back’. These are heavy statements. It means that if he realizes it’s the problem, leaves the shack and leaves. What message can you give to your players like this? “

Cassano concludes thus: “Sarri is a breaking of boxes. Do you know who it looks like to me? Our friend Walter Mazzarri. The field is wet, it is the wind, the sun etc. always breaking .. Enough! Don’t you want to do the Europa League? Before the season you tell Lotito ‘let’s not sign up’. We’re not going to spend money. He is good at working on the pitch, but every Sunday he complains. That’s enough”

The article is in Italian

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