a party to help research

a party to help research
a party to help research
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Chronicle / Lake and valleys

Saturday 17th September 2022

The memory

“Angie White party”, today – Saturday – at La Serenella, for Angelica’s thirtieth birthday, who passed away in 2018 due to cystic fibrosis

Gianpiero Riva

Angelica, of course, is Angelica Angelinetta, the young woman from Dongo torn from life at only 26 years old in October 2018 by cystic fibrosis, a symbol of social commitment in her strenuous battle for life in favor of all.

Among the many initiatives she promoted for the cause of research, the Marafibrositona remains the authentic pearl, for involvement and emotions.

However, an event with thousands of massed participants still remains irreconcilable with anti-Covid regulations.

«How many misses the legendary Marafibrositona? – asks his sister Serena, always at Angelica’s side in organizing every initiative – We still wanted to find a way to find ourselves. The more we are and the more funds we will collect for the Cystic Fibrosis Research Foundation: it is the best gift we can give Angi for her 30th birthday ».

From 17 there will be entertainment for children with inflatables, workshops and children’s make-up; from 20.30 baby dance; at 9.30 pm Black Shiver will perform in concert and; at 10.30 pm DJ sets with Ricky Nobili, Barria, Kaiser V and various shows.

“We have thought about Angelica’s passions and you will therefore find Masterciatt’s food trucks, fried fish, sushi, excellent ice cream and the sweet stand – observes Serena – Music is another of the great passions that she transmitted to us. dad from an early age: during the party for Angie’s thirty years the beloved Black Shiver will perform, with covers that will make us sing at the top of our lungs ».


Angelica – as remembered by the National Cystic Fibrosis Research Foundation – was born in 1992. Testimonial and volunteer of the Foundation, she was at the helm of the Dongo delegation, always at the forefront to support research.

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A battle waged with such energy and determination that it has allowed many to get to know this young warrior and not at all resigned.

Fibrosis took her away on 21 October 2018, but her memory is still strong and alive in those who have had the good fortune and the honor of knowing her.

“Doing good is good” was her motto and she spent the most to be able to raise funds for the cause.

The proceeds from Angie’s 30th birthday party will be donated to one of the cystic fibrosis research projects adopted by the Como-Dongo delegation, so that in the near future, cystic fibrosis will become a curable disease.

Because this was Angelica’s goal that today will be more than ever present at the Serenella party.


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