after the bills, today manifests for work

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Rome, 17 Sep – The Democratic Party demonstrates “for work”. After all, it proclaims itself as a party of labor. It is since May (roughly) that at the Nazarene they have been in the mood for jokes, or rather desperate attempts to reposition themselves on the classic images that distinguish their past (very, very past) history. I am in the mood with a more intense frequency than usual, which cannot be allowed to pass silently, but besieged at every step, pursued, with the same enthusiasm as a good policeman, who would do anything to catch a runaway thief.

The book of jokes of the Democratic Party is enriched: today and tomorrow in the square “for work”

Let’s face it, that of the bills was more funny. Specific, detailed, referring to a present and specific historical period in which the contrast between the policies of the Italian demos (always pro sanctions against the Russians, pro war, in short pro 90% of the causes of the crazy boom in energy costs) and their protests against high bills. It seems that the fantasy in the house of the Nazarene is missing. This is nothing more than a re-edition of the bar from first of May, when from the home of the self-styled democrats they had the courage to proclaim themselves defenders of the workers. One of the many re-editions, present and future. Because the Democratic Party, net of its destructive reality for all the workers of this country, will always have to continue to declare, with a cheek and a record falsehood even for the world of politics, that it must defend them.

An absolute enemy of the workers party

Countryside “1000 squares for Italy” it is just the umpteenth instrument with which the enemies of workers and companies pretend to be defenders of the former (by keeping silent about the latter). It is easier dialectically, in the Nazarene household, to insist on the workers, due to the communist legacy and the distorted image that the heirs of the PCI have always spread of themselves, since the time of the collapse of the Berlin wall. In the 1990s they would have privatized and sold off half of Italian industry, but hardly anyone would have noticed. Their politics in the following decades has not changed but rather has deepened: perhaps, in this period, a few more have noticed. But the name, the superficial image, is always difficult to deny, especially when it is so symbolically strong. And who knows how many still seriously believe in the nonsense that the Democratic Party tells, to its own members as well as to the voters. This is why it is necessary to insist on communication and correct information, even deriding, if necessary, the authors of these legends. Because these are stories that are not only imaginative, but dangerous, capable of leading the youngest and most inexperienced to become other faithful disciples.

Stelio Fergola


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