Flood, 7 victims identified: who they are (Video)

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THE PREFECTURE has so far ascertained 9 deaths, for two of them investigations are underway. A witness: “My brother saved by a miracle”

September 16, 2022 – 5:23 pm

Ferdinando ‘Nando’ Olivi

from Alberto Bignami

“The number of victims stands at 9, two of which are in the process of being identified and which could be included in the number of missing persons who are currently 4, of which 2 are minors”. This was officially announced by the Prefecture of Ancona. At the moment it is known who the confirmed victims are Joseph And Andrea Tisba, father and son aged 65 and 25 respectively, from Pianello d’Ostra, died while the son was trying to retrieve the car from the garage to save it from the flood while the father tried to rescue the boy shortly before they were both run over from the wave of water and mud that was pouring onto the road. There a witness says:

The witness

«My brother was saved by a miracle. The Misa seemed calm yesterday then suddenly the waves grew in a very short time, there was no forecast that there was so much water like this. Nobody expected it. “


In Bettolelle, a hamlet of Senigallia, the body of Gino Petrolati, 89 years old, whose body was extracted in the morning from inside his car, carried by the flood, ending up under water. Also recovered the body of Ferdinando ‘Nando’ Olivi, 82-year-old merchant and former restaurateur of the place and grandfather of another boy who had escaped from the fury of the water, managing to climb a tree.

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The old man’s body was recovered after being found in the tavern of his home in Pianello di Ostra, completely invaded by water. He was the owner of a plumbing company, however, Diego Chiappetti, 52 years old he too was found dead in Pianello di Ostra. But she hadn’t been able to save herself like the rest of her family there 72 year old Marialuisa Sereni, she too died as a result of the water that flooded the Municipality of Trecastelli. Barbara’s body was also found and recovered Rina Febbi aged 71. Finally, a citizen 42-year-old North African, with Italian citizenship, was found in Ostra. The official identification of the identification is underway as well as of another person, which would be the ninth rediscovery. Research continues.


The searches of the fire brigade


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