from Cagliari-Bari to Frosinone-Palermo, timetables

from Cagliari-Bari to Frosinone-Palermo, timetables
from Cagliari-Bari to Frosinone-Palermo, timetables
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The program and times of the sixth day of the Serie B 2022-2023 championship. the matches on TV and in streaming from Cagliari-Bari to Frosinone-Palermo.

Serie B on TV and in streaming, where you can see all the matches: from Cagliari – Bari to Frosinone – Palermo, timetables

Saturday 17th September 2022: the matches of Series B 2022-2023 scheduled on TV and live streaming. After the advance between Brescia and Benevento on Friday evening, the sixth day of the cadet tournament comes to life with eight challenges: top-level matches will open on Saturday such as Ascoli-Parma, Cagliari-Bari, Como-Spal, Frosinone-Palermo, Reggina-Cittadella, Sudtirol-Cosenza and Venice-Pisa while at 4.15 pm they will take to the field at the Ferraris Genoa and Modena.

Cagliari-Bari is the cartel match of the round and could greatly affect this first part of the season. The Sardinians are closely following the top of the class while the newly promoted Pugliesi led by Mignani are taking the stage thanks to a good continuity of performances and results. Reggina leaders host the Cittadella at the Granillo and will seek 3 points for the first escape attempt. Very hot climate in Pisa and Como: the Larians will play at home against Spal, but they are still without a coach; while Maran’s bench is at risk after a disastrous departure for the Tuscans. Genoa wants to redeem itself after the first knockout of the season and Modena is waiting for Marassi.

Serie B matches, the schedule of the 6th day: TV schedules

After Brescia-Benevento which opened the day on Friday evening, here is the whole program of the sixth round of Serie B. After the Saturday matches, the Umbrian derby between Ternana and Perugia, which will be played on Sunday 18 September at 4.15 pm, will close this weekend. .

  • Ascoli-Parma, 2 pm
  • Cagliari-Bari, 2 pm
  • Como-Spal, 2 pm
  • Frosinone-Palermo, 2 pm
  • Reggina-Cittadella, 2 pm
  • Sudtirol-Cosenza, 2 pm
  • Venice-Pisa, 2 pm
  • Genoa-Modena, 4.15 pm

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Cagliari-Bari, where to see it: live TV and streaming on Dazn

What will be played at Unipol Domus between Cagliari and Bari is the big match of the 6th day of Serie B 2022-2023. Where to see the challenge between Sardinians and Apulians on TV? The game will be broadcast on TV by Sky Sport, channel 251, and will also be visible on television on DAZN and Helbiz Live, also present in the Prime Video Channels, thanks to modern smart TVs or with Google Chroomecast or Fire Stick TV or other devices such as Xbox 3 or 4 or PlayStation 4 or 5. To watch the match in streaming with Sky you can use the Sky Go service while with Dazn just download and enter the credentials on the mobile device you intend to use. Those who, on the other hand, want to enjoy only the single event without a subscription, will be able to see the match between Liverani’s and Mignani’s teams on the NOW platform and on OneFootball with pay-per-view mode.

Frosinone-Palermo on TV on Sky: where to see it live and streaming

Same goes for another important match like Frosinone-Palermo. Benito Stirpe’s challenge can be seen on Sky TV, at channel 253, and via the DAZN and Helbiz Live apps on latest generation televisions. Also in this meeting you will be able to watch on TV via Google Chroomecast or Fire Stick TV or other devices such as Xbox 3 or 4 or PlayStation 4 or 5. To stream the race between the men of Fabio Grosso and those of Eugenio Corini it will be enough download the Dazn and Sky Go applications, clearly viewing is reserved for subscribers only, or pay for the single event on the NOW or OneFootball platform.

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