Because infrastructure is needed more than gas price caps. Speak Bessi

Because infrastructure is needed more than gas price caps. Speak Bessi
Because infrastructure is needed more than gas price caps. Speak Bessi
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“A large supply of gas could come from fields in the eastern Mediterranean, where, however, there is no adequate infrastructure for the moment”, explains Gianni Bessi

The appointments on these pages continue with the Pd Councilor of the Emilia-Romagna Region Gianni Bessi, author of the book Natural gas. The energy of tomorrow (Innovative Publishing) and numerous interventions on the energy crisis and the geopolitical dynamics connected to it.

For the winter, the EU has defined a regulation to ‘force’ users to consume less.

“It will be a kind of electric lockdown to use a concept that has become familiar during the pandemic, which will be implemented upstream, that is, by energy distributors. Thanks to the smart meters from 8 to 19 the power will be lowered by about one kilowatt hour: for example, a family with a 3.3 kilowatt hour contract will be able to use only 2.5 kilowatt hours, which are not enough to make the dishwasher and oven work together or washing machine, if at the same time the refrigerator and the TV remain on ».

A very ‘strong’ measure, then, but wouldn’t it be better to focus on the establishment of a gas price cap?

«In reality, the gas emergency is made up of two fundamental elements: price and availability. And they are the reflection of the same situation: today the price conveys a message of scarcity, but it is not certain that the increase in availability also resolves the question of price. In the same way, depending on how the price cap will be defined, there could be a greater problem of availability. What I mean is that it is a more complicated situation than how it is presented. Let us think, for example, of how we will behave, once a possible ceiling on the price of gas has been defined, towards the LNG of US origin. It is not a minor detail ».

In short, it does not come out …

“It’s an obstacle course, certainly. Today the problem of the price appears more serious, on which Europe is trying to intervene. But the issue of availability, for example, which had been set aside thanks to the fact that stockpiles are reaching 90 percent, will come back strongly on the table in the spring. This year Italy has benefited from full supplies from Russia until June, but what will happen at the beginning of 2023? The president of the industrialists Carlo Bonomi said that Italy could lack 4 billion cubic meters: it seems a small quantity, but in reality it is enough to bring the entire Italian production system to its knees ».

We need efficient and rapid actions, therefore.

«And the answer can only come from infrastructural solutions that give definitive certainties. The first concerns the regasification vessels, starting with the Golar Tundra, purchased by Snam for 350 million dollars and capable of transforming 5 billion cubic meters of gas per year from liquid to gaseous state, increasing the national regasification capacity of the 6.5 per cent “.

Wouldn’t it be useful to look for other suppliers?

“Yes, and potentially there would be too. For example, a large supply of gas could come from fields in the eastern Mediterranean, where, however, there is currently no adequate infrastructure. In Cyprus, for example, either a new pipeline is being built, for which huge investments are required, or we must focus on the flexibility guaranteed by liquefied gas. In Egypt there are already two gasification poles and from the logistical point of view we are two to three days by ship from Ravenna, a much more reasonable time than it takes for a ship to arrive from the Persian Gulf, about a month, or from ‘ America, with obvious cost and environmental advantages ».

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