Toro, Vlasic and Radonjic: “Freedom!”

Toro, Vlasic and Radonjic: “Freedom!”
Toro, Vlasic and Radonjic: “Freedom!”
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TURIN – How nice to see them play. Better still together, even better from the start. We are talking about the couple coming from the East: Nikola Vlasic24, Croatian from Split, and Nemanja Radonjic, 26, Serbian from Nis. Both genius and recklessness. The first has already scored three goals, the second one in the league and one in the Italian Cup. And both have had many wasted goal chances, which they built thanks to their unpredictability. Attacking midfielders with great technique, with a great touch of the ball and absolutely intoxicating plays: sprinting, dribbling, aiming at the net that stuns the opponents. When they have the ball at their feet, you never know what their next play will be. And Ivan Juric, from the waist up, it leaves them free from specific tasks. Free to do what they want and what they feel like doing at that moment. Let’s start with the Serbian, who returns from the first minute tonight. “I give him a lot of freedom to express his potential, I want him to do things that are also nonsense, because he can change the fate of a match at any time. A bit like Rafael Leao does at Milan, risking the combination. It happens that he doesn’t. you see for a while, then he lights up and solves the situation, perhaps with an assist. And it may happen that you miss a match, and then play the next one in a great way. move to express their fantasy “.

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Juric’s choice to give maximum freedom to his number 49 has paid off so far: in every game played Radonjic he became the protagonist of at least one decisive idea, a dribbling or a play capable of creating numerical superiority forward and a potential opportunity to be exploited in front of goal. The only limitation that has emerged so far concerns the difficulties in recovering after the fatigue of a match and it is on this that Juric and his staff are working, a bit like they did for Praetbecause for the Turin having a top Radonjic is really very important. “Radonjic is still to be discovered both as a person and as a player, but his qualities are not discussed. Now physically he is fine, he has some problems in recovering the best condition after the game, but this week he worked well every day with the team. his teammates and for the match there are no problems “.

A lot of freedom also for Vlasic, naturally. “He is a bit tidier than his partner. The two always give the feeling of being able to make plays that go beyond what the coach asks for “. So tonight they will have the task of leading the Bull to victory. Sure to play, of course. For the rest, a couple of doubts. On the outside of the three-man defense and of the midfield: forward to the right there is the ballot between Singo And Lazaro, with the first favorite. “Singo – continues the technician – he had a physical problem, but for the past two weeks he has been training the way I like him. Lazaro did the same, but he has yet to find the best form because players who are not used to taking the field continuously do well for a period and then have a decline. And it’s all physiological “. In defense he should return from the first minute Schuurs favorite on Djidjiwith Good morning central and the captain Rodriguez to the left. Linetty And Lukic central, then the two attacking midfielders we talked about and Pellegri instead of Sanabria.


In short, the Bull it seems done. The team worked with great intensity during the week and Juric was finally able to lead his boys live after suffering from home due to the pneumonia now disposed of. The technician is cool. And if the players have the desire for him, they will play a great game: there is a lot to bet on.

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