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Flood in Pietralunga, entrepreneurs on their knees

Flood in Pietralunga, entrepreneurs on their knees
Flood in Pietralunga, entrepreneurs on their knees
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In a few minutes he saw the work of years disappear, swept away by the fury of the water. The Carpinella stream that overflows, overcomes the barriers and enters the company until it reaches over one meter in height.

This is what happened to Gabriele Zangarelli, partner of Alamar, a company that regenerates plastics, in the industrial area of ​​Pietralunga.

“Never seen such a thing, never happened in my memory”, he says as he continues to shovel away the mud that entered his company, on the border with the Carpinella stream.

” In a few minutes – he added – the water broke through the curtain and flooded everything ”. Not only that, but when it stopped raining, a river of water and mud ” entered from the other side, coming from the road: we found ourselves in the middle ”.

Speaking Zangarelli highlighted how the damages are still to be quantified also because ” both the motors and the transformers have gone under water … ” and concludes ” The future? I don’t know, for now I have rolled up my sleeves, but I’m skeptical: you have to understand how to avoid a possible next time ”.

Among the entrepreneurs of the industrial and artisan area there are also those who have not had serious consequences.


It is Giuliano Tartufi of Giuliano Martinelli, an entrepreneur in the truffle sector

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” I had just returned home – he said – when they called me saying that out here it was all a lake. We immediately came here and the square was completely flooded: in 58 years I have never seen such a thing ”, recalling how ” Over the years there have also been significant rains and we have always defended ourselves, without reaching these points ”.

Martinelli adds that ” fortunately at the moment we have not registered any damage ” caused by this sudden downpour, ” because we are raised by about 78 – 80 centimeters from the asphalt pool in the square and we did not get there: in the bad we were lucky . Thursday night was a truly dramatic moment, with the water, the roads all closed: I was not ready to experience a similar situation ”.

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